Video: Trey Anastasio on CBS Sunday Morning Preview

As we first reported, Phish front man Trey Anastasio will be the subject of a profile on this Sunday’s episode of CBS Sunday Morning. Contributor Anthony Mason hosts the profile. You can watch a brief preview of the piece that’s set to air on Sunday below…

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7 thoughts on “Video: Trey Anastasio on CBS Sunday Morning Preview

  1. Ralph Kantrowitz Reply

    Doesn’t seem to be the right video.

  2. Marcy Reply

    this video is not of trey….

  3. v Reply

    “and people were having a GREAT time.” HAHA

  4. Matt Reply

    Yeah… and I was one of them!

  5. Eric Silverman Reply

    a GREAT time

  6. brendy Reply

    gray beard.. or is it a grey beard

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