Golden Animals: Free Your Mind And Win A Pony


With influences that range from moonlight, desert, deep sea, rainbows, melody, naturality, symmetry, outsiders, and….Jim Morrison, Golden Animals evoke groovy. but this isn’t some flower child, “people come together,” rubbish.  Golden Animals are young, but certainly not modern day hippies, although they may seem it.

The Brooklyn duo of Tommy Eisner and Linda Beecroft left Brooklyn to the California desert – somewhere near the Salton Sea.  So if you toned down Queens of the Stone Age, perhaps this is what Golden Animals sounds kinda like.  Eisner (guitar, vocals) and Beecroft (drums and vocals) skip out on the keyboards and bass to evoke a simple 60’s California essence. Long lost Creedence riffs (“Try on Me”), forgotton Doors vocals (“Steady Roller”) and Pigpen era Dead blues (“Queen Mary”) roll around. Their influenes in older, acoustic blues and finding inspiration between that music and the tropical, desolate desert is what makes Golden Animals a wild voice to win a pony or free your mind to.

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