The Flaming Lips’ Long Awaited “Christmas on Mars” Arriving Oct. 28th

The Flaming Lips’ long-in-the-works film "Christmas on Mars" will arrive Oct. 28 on DVD via Warner Bros. A separate edition bundles the Lips’ original score on CD with the DVD.

Among the DVD bonus features are band interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, an outtake and, of course, Russian subtitles.

"Christmas on Mars," which stars Lips bandmates Wayne Coyne, Steven Drozd and Michael Ivins, was shot on the cheap in and around the band’s native Oklahoma City. It revolves around the first holiday season on the freshly colonized Red Planet; Drozd is Major Sytris, who aims to marshall Christmas cheer with a big pageant, but a series of events threaten the survival of the colonists, much less their holiday plans. Coyne plays a friendly Martian who offers his assistance.

The film premiered in May at the Sasquatch! Festival in Washington state, and has since screened at a handful of cities, including New York. Additional screenings are in the works for the fall.

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