I Like The Beat: A TLG Photo Gallery

There seemed to be much more peak-and-valley jamming at this show than I had remembered in the past. I think that’s mainly due to the progression of the rhythm section. Rager pounded the drums ferociously with the stamina of a ’70s porn star, while Ben Chambers’ booming bass sound filled the room with authority. It was clear from the moment Chambers dominated the mix brilliantly during Franz Hanzerbeak that he was in control of the tempo and direction of the jams. It was pretty surprising ,as I thought both guys were nothing special during my first TLG experiences.

Often bloggers get accused of fluffing, so I’ll be honest here: There were points when the similar song structures got old. I loved TLG’s improvs, but some of their songs just weren’t my cup of tea (see). That being said, pencil me in for the next time Tea Leaf Green comes to my town. TLG returns to NYC on June 3rd for a Rocks Off boat cruise. And if I don’t go, Ace may take it personally.

Let’s take a look at some more of Coach’s photos:

Trevor Garrod lets his soul glo

Josh Clark leans into it

Jammin’ the night away

Scott Rager keeps the band in time

Ben Chambers putting every ounce of effort into a bass solo

The new Man In Black

“I Like The Good Times, I Like The Funk”

“It’s a long way…….”

Set I: Taught To Be Proud > Kali Yuga > One Reason > Georgie P. > These Two Chairs, Faced With Love, The Devils Pay > Broom, Don’t Curse The Night, If It Wasn’t For The Money

Set II: Lil Hood > Garden Part 1 > Garden Part III > Garden Part II > Dragon Fly, I’ve Been Seeking, Franz Hanzerbeak> Inc. Devil > Criminal Intent > Trouble > Criminal Intent > Make A Connection > Morning Sun

ENCORE: Emma Lee > Mistletwo> Have A Drink On Me

Go get it, and enjoy these guys when they hit your town next…

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54 Responses

  1. nice work Scotty.

    incredible photos Adam

    Start of June: Umph, Fenway, TLG cruise?

    My Rx is to get some rest now!

  2. great review
    show was smokin
    Don’t Curse the Night is a brand new tune, that debuted last week, and is gaining steam real quickly (im still bobbing my head)

    here is the show for your listening pleasure

  3. ^TLG was off the hook. How fun? The boys were locked in, the lights were awesome, the crowd was rockin’, and yes, Ben C. brought his A-game on Saturday night. Definately the most impreessed I’ve been by Milky in my 8 shows. I was thinking of going up to Mountain Jam with the sole purpose of seeing Tea Leaf play a late night set, but now I think I’m going to stay put and go for the cruise. Thanks for the heads up. Nice review, sweet pics, glad you’re on board.

  4. Don’t see the appeal of these guys at all. They are boring, unoriginal and uninteresting. Hands down the worst show I saw last year was TLG. My friends and I refer to them as Tea Leaf Lame or Tea Leaf Gangrene.

  5. glad to hear that they got their lights going…I saw that as a GLARING ommision at their last show in Boston that I went to. Glad you had a good time!

  6. Maybe it’s a regional thing ??? (I’m from new England) but these guys just don’t “do it.”

    Have yet to meet anyone from around my neck of the woods that has anything positive to say about these guys.

    What does everyone else think? Do you have to live in the midwest or west coast to “get” bland, boring music?

  7. yeah Mr Green, you are right, it’s a regional thing. You have to live in the midwest or west to get bland boring music. And all those people that go to northeast tlg shows, they are really just midwesterners and west coast people visiting your area.

  8. I don’t even know what “Tea Leaf Gangrene” means. Sounds like you need to go back to the Conservatory with Professor Plumb and try and come up with better putdowns for bands who exude awesomeness like few others on this scene.

    What I DO know is that these guys never disappoint. Even their worse shows leave me with a relatively high levels of pumped-up-itude and Saturday night was pure rock. The first set dragged a bit in the middle before a strong end, but the second set was a rager. Even my friend who was on his deathbed at setbreak was rock-rockin’ it. Franz Hanzerbeak got the crowd buzzing. And that new tune – Make A Connection – was so good, I thought it was a cover.

    Look, I know that some bands make it, and some bands don’t. And sometimes there is no real rhyme or reason to it. But I haven’t pulled for a band like this to make it big in a long time. Since, say, 1992.

  9. Mr. Green – i live in maine and i love love love tea leaf green. i know many others in the northeast who are on tea patrol as well…and i’m also not some spring chicken who doesn’t know her tunes.

    if you don’t dig em, that’s fine, one more ticket for someone who does. however, calling them names is just imbicile….what are you, 12?

    and Chilly Jackwater, i know what you mean. I haven’t been this inspired by a band since the early 90s either…..i bet we’re talkin about the same one too 🙂

    PS: make a connection is not new, it is “don’t curse the night” that is their new one. i believe it’s only been performed 4 times so far? totally diggin it!

  10. Awesome, awesome, awesome show. Last year at Irving was a pretty solid show, but that’s about it … solid. This show, however, had everything I look for in a live performance: great songs, smokin’ jams, killer lights, that “sold out venue” energy, and a crowd clearly there for the music.

    Best TLG I’ve seen so far (out of 6)

    Tea Leaf Lame???? Nice! You and your friends must be a riot to hang out with …

  11. i agree with mr green, tlg is BORING. but come on mr green, tea leaf lame is such a childish name. tea queef green is more fitting name, as their music sounds like just that

  12. “i was just looking at those pictures, is that taylor hanson on keys? hes aged… ”


  13. Grow up. TLG rocks, and if you don’t like it then you’re a terrorist. I’m calling the Dept of Homeland Security. W00ks.

  14. Tea Queef Green is also not funny, Marcus. Nice try, though. It’s a good thing your revolution isn’t being televised. If you’re going to make fun of a band name, don’t try and rhyme any word in the name because it will always sound like an 8-year-old. Just come straight out with it: Tea Leaf Shitpile, for example. Or String Cheese Asshats. Just my opinion on what’s funny and what’s not.

  15. “It’s a good thing your revolution isn’t being televised.” what does that even mean? you hippies need to lay off the drugs, for real

  16. Marcus … Mr. Green …
    Go eat a dick. Your opinions suck along with your name calling skillz ya fucking trolls.

  17. “It’s a good thing your revolution isn’t being televised.” what does that even mean?

    Which word didn’t you understand? Was it ‘revolution’? I know four sylablle words can be challenging. You should get some hooked on Phonics.

  18. I love it when Phantasy Tour spills over into the Hidden Track comments.

    Forgot to mention before: great review, Scott. Sweet pics, ass well.

  19. Do I really need to explain “the revoultion will not be televised” to a guy whose screen name is “marcus garvey”? You DO know who Marcus Garvey was, right? Wikipedia is your friend. Embrace her. Love her. Take her to the drive-in and French her.

    Focker…I asked this after the boat cruise in ’05, and I still want an answer: How does one join “Team Focker”? You people were out in droves on Saturday night.

  20. Chilly Jackwater, seeing as you didn’t understand sarcasm in Marcus’ comments in the first place AND that you are citing/referencing/recommending wikipedia I have thus determined you are a complete moron.

  21. Tea Leaf Green. A band so easy a caveman could name them. “what for dinner?”
    “tea leaf, green”
    I mean, their name is as retarded as this comment.
    And Garvey– don’t say stuff like that about Hanson. Hanson blows these guys away

  22. Yeah Green… everyone knows that the stuff on Wikipedia isn’t true. I mean, Sinbad died man. Freakin’ Sinbad!
    Oh, and why is your name ‘Mr. Green’ if you don’t like TLG?
    Hey… TLG… ‘The Loser Group’

  23. just to respond to some of these nitwits….

    Good job as usual Ace, keep it up! Missed you on Sat night. punk.

  24. Chilly Jaack Water – If by joining you mean getting one of those TLG TF stickers, all you need to do is go to the pre-party and they should be easily had. That’s all there is to it. Next boat cruise…but I’m sure I’ll be at some other shows before then

  25. I’m getting excited for the boat cruise 🙂 I’d urge the haters to check them out again since I really feel I saw a different band this month than I did last year when I first gave them a shot.

  26. Scotty have to agree with you on this. Caught them last year at the Knit and was kind of underwhelmed after hearing all the hype. The show on Saturday night though was great they played their “New York City” that night and made me want to see them again.

  27. mr. gayvey and mr. queen-
    please enlighten me as to what music I should like…also, if you think that Tea Leaf Green is a stupid name, please do not tell me that you think that The Disco Biscuits, Sound Tribe Sector Sleep, or Phish are the most creative names. And, besides the latter, you I hope you don’t think these two ‘untz’ creating bands have any more talent than this rocking band.

    you both sound like miserable people…that aren’t funny.

  28. Haven’t heard ’em, but they must have something going on or else this many people wouldn’t be arguing about them.

  29. Good call jlm, Mistletwo breakout definitely something to write home about. Maybe now it’s time for a 7 song Garden suite?

    Garden 1->
    Garden 2->
    Garden 3->
    Precious Stone->
    Can You Guess It?

    And I’m gonna have to say, if you saw TLG pre-Devil’s Pay, you just don’t understand…that song is straight fire. I highly recommend the Jam Cruise version with Tim Carbone of RRE on fiddle, also a fan of 2006.11.08 Greensboro with Trevor on acoustic guitar, definitely a different read and I dig it.

  30. I gave TLG a chance last year at the Fox Theatre in Boulder, and I am in full agreement with Mr. Green: Thoroughly unoriginal, one-dimensional (the guitarist played the exact same kind of solos, based on the Trey Anastasio tension release style, and showed no variety nor clue of spaces between notes) and boring; not to mention the material is the type, that as a fortysomething, I outgrew many years ago. If you enjoy TLG, do so to the fullest…they simply did not cut it for me.

  31. so, jw, trey developed the tension and release style, and owns the copyright/trademark/intellectual property to it?

    ever listened to jazz?

    listen to the show, and give them another chance. as many others have said on this, they gave them a chance once and saw a completely different band 3/24/07.

  32. jlm…listened to plenty of jazz over the years, starting in my teens. I may give them another chance sometime, but truth be told, I was thoroughly unimpressed.

  33. Aaah Jezebel. One of my current favorite TLG songs.
    Anyway, just wanted to say that not everyone is suppose to “get it” – and for many it takes 2 or many more shows to do so or never. Hey that is what happens when you are a jam band and that’s why they all usually play often. When you play a different show every night 200 nights a year anything can happen. If you don’t get it so what, that is the genre. Either suggest some bands you do like instead or go chat on a site you like – why be hatin’ and acting the fool!

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