Denver Ladies: Want A Free Godsmack Ticket?

We don’t know much about Godsmack, other than what the always-reliable folks at Wikipedia tell us: They’ve had two #1 albums, 11 top-ten singles and four #1 hits on the way to selling more than nine million albums in these United States.


They’ve also got some awesome fans. And if you’re looking for a free ticket to the band’s Coors Amphitheatre show this Sunday, we know just the place: Craigslist!

So here is the deal women. If you are willing to let me look at your tits while I jerk off I will give you the ticket. I am NOT looking for anything else sexual. I just want a live playboy in front of me. I won’t touch you and you won’t touch me. Pretty simple. So if you want the ticket I’ll bring it to you, pop one off and leave. I am very serious and you should be too.

That doesn’t sound very God-like at all. In any event, ladies, make the call and this guy will do some Cackjacking so you can do some Godsmacking. Fair trade.

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  1. Wow, with an offer like that, how could any Denverite resist. That guy is really classy. I wonder if he will have his pinky out-Ron Jeremy style.

  2. I’m not sure what’s more disturbing, the post on craigslist or the fact that it was found by someone at HT.

  3. i dont know what to be repulsed by more…the offer itself or the fact that someone would want to see Godsmack that badly

  4. as far as total scumbags are concerned, this character seems to be a pretty honest and forward one at that, and as far as the props i’d ever give to a scumbag, he seems semi worthy… at that, Godsmack sucks and i say that as one of their homeotown ilksman from Boston… not worth a crankout visually aided by my supple self, thats for sure

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