Cover Wars: Jealous Guy Edition

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Cornmeal: Kicking it off this week we’ve got a rendition from this Chicago-based bluegrass band. I am unsure if this song has stayed in their repertoire as this is the only version available on the Live Music Archive. Source: 12-13-2002

Deftones: I was ready to skip over this performance after hearing the first minute and right as I was about to close the window, they picked it up a notch. I’m glad I didn’t dismiss it, because it’s certainly one of the more unique covers of the song out there. Source: Instant Karma: The The Amnesty International Campaign to Save Darfur

Donny Hathaway: Many of the artists listed this week have borrowed a lot from the Donny Hathaway performance – most notably the intro keyboard line. At least, the Hathaway version is where I think it originally comes from. A simply fantastic performance that was recorded roughly one year after the original. Source: Donny Hathaway Live

Elliott Smith: Elliott Smith was not shy about his admiration of all things Beatles. This influence is reflected in both his original compositions as well as his large catalog of covers that included Beatles and post-Beatles solo-work material. Fans of Smith should check out this show and it’s incredible sound quality. Source: 4-17-1998

Video footage from a couple months before the version included in the playlist:

Faces: A studio outtake with some hilarious British musicians banter. I like that they give Rod Stewart tons of shit for not playing an instrument. Source: Five Guys Walk Into A Bar…

Jimmy Scott: The story of Jimmy Scott is just as amazing as this performance. Scott, still going strong at 83, will appear with Pink Martini this New Year’s Eve. Source: Holding Back The Years

Lou Reed: Simply put, this is the legends covering the legends. Reed puts his own spin on the vocal delivery of this one. Source: Come Together: A Night for John Lennon’s Words and Music


PBS with Page McConnell: This was a cover in Page’s Vida Blue days and was also dusted off for the recent New York City performance from the PBS with Page tour. Page sneaks in both a piano and organ solo between verses. Thanks to Bret for letting use the official SBD track for Cover Wars. Source: 9-26-2008

Roxy Music: Roxy Music was inspired to record this track shortly after John Lennon’s assassination. Front-man Bryan Ferry had previously recorded the song as well. Source: Non-Album single, available on The Best Of Roxy Music

Music Video:

Ryan Montbleau Band: And closing out this week is RMB, who never disappoints with their interpretations of the classics. Check out this show for a cover of They Love Each Other as well as a hilarious rendition of Car Wash. Source: 12-30-2006

That’s all we’ve got this week, a few Lennon videos before we go:

The recording of:

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7 thoughts on “Cover Wars: Jealous Guy Edition

  1. Jerem Reply

    Happy to see Jimmy Scott on that list. I *love* his version on the Chelsea Walls soundtrack.

  2. Frank Reply

    Man, that PBSM show in New York was killin’. Gotta love when Leo is on the mic! My vote whole-heartedly goes to PBSM.

  3. BH Reply

    Oh my God. How could you vote for any BUT the Donny Hathaway version? The RMB version is a cover of the Donny Hathaway version, almost to a T, but with just a little less feel and talent. Donny Hathaway is one of the most underrated talents in music history.

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  6. bramin meat Reply

    Peter Criss?

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