Hampton Countdown: To Aftershow or Not

Are you an aftershow person? I’m usually so beat after seeing Phish that the last thing I want to do is see another concert. Our pal Corky said it best, “seeing a show after Phish is like jerking off after the best sex of your life.” One of the the parts of the upcoming reunion shows I’m most looking forward to is decompressing, listening to SGordo’s recording and shooting the shit about what we’ve just seen with a group of my favorite Phish dorks.

That’s not to say that I don’t understand the allure of aftershows. I had a fuckin’ blast at Amfibian after the first night of SPAC back in ’04. All of my friends went with me and two members of Phish took the stage with Tom Marshall’s band. To each their own. Some folks are too amped up after the show to chill in a hotel room. How about you? Are you the aftershow type?

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10 thoughts on “Hampton Countdown: To Aftershow or Not

  1. Hoops Reply

    I think it really depends…in a town like Vegas…its apparent that you arent gonna go sleep…so you go out further.

  2. dave Reply

    Hidden Track,

    How about a post listing the different after show options?

    I heard about Kimock, but haven’t heard about much else.

    Jambase doesn’t show much. Brothers Past, a few others, but mostly slim pickins.

  3. saxilla Reply

    no place I’d rather NOT be post-Phish than another show. Looking forward to being part of that Phish Dork discussion Scotty 🙂

  4. the joker Reply

    i have tickets to see eoto on fri and kimock on sat…but i could go either way. im there for THE PHISH, thats for sure. but sometimes an after show is fun.

  5. coach Reply

    i don’t like aftershows. i prefer the opportunity to relax, decompress and digest what i just saw.

  6. Randy Ray Reply

    Well, back in the day, I would say “Bring It On!”

    Now? Decompress, and get ready for the next day.

  7. MFF0RD9 Reply

    no aftershows for me this weekend. after 4.5 years without seeing Phish i can devote a couple of days to them alone

  8. dayjob1978 Reply

    The Oysterhead reunion after 9/29/00 was the heat.
    That being said I could barely drag my feet.
    However…I will be hittin’ up Kimock at the Norva Saturday. As long as I’m there, I might as well

  9. xeyedandpainless Reply

    Agree with Dayjob, have been to a few aftershows and they usually all disappoint, however Claypool at the House of Blues in Vegas was the exception to the rule. That whole show was mind numbingly amazing. Anyone have a link to that full show, not just the encore?

  10. _goff. Reply

    scotty b.

    i brought it on friday and saturday aftershows.

    saw the sun rise and set 3 straight days. just love music. not too much else involved there but music.

    great after hours in hampton. Randy, would love to get ya back out there. you’re like 29 or somethin’, right? 😉

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