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When you see a perfomer give their heart and soul for a crowd, it’s easy to form a personal attachment to someone you’ve never met before. Last February, I felt a real connection with Zach Deputy after he opened my eyes and ears to his music with a heartfelt performance opening for the Ryan Montbleau Band at New York City’s Sullivan Hall. So, I was saddened to learn that Zach’s tour truck with all his gear and equipment was stolen from outside of a La Quinta motel in Paramus, NJ on Friday night. Terrible.

Zach was on his way to Woodstock, NY to play a show and had nearly all of his possessions in the truck, as tends to happen when you spend 300 days on the road playing 250 shows per year. Always a trooper and a professional, Zach actually took the stage on Saturday night with a borrowed guitar and sound system. The total loss – including the truck – is over $85,000 and it looks like nothing will be covered by insurance. Yikes!

Deputy aims not to cancel any upcoming shows, but he needs the support of anyone who wants to help a shining light in our community. Here’s what his righteously named Deputies suggest you do to help Zach…

1. A simple PayPal donation, because we love you. [Try linking from Zach’s Save The Tour page if that PayPal link doesn’t work]

2. Buy a copy of Out Of The Water ($11.99) and make the world a brighter place.

3. Buy multiple copies of Out Of The Water for friends and family, because you love them. And we love you, so we love them.
– 5 copies for $50
– 10 copies for $80

4. Join the Sheriffs’ Department and be the coolest kid on the block. [link]

5. Buy a ticket to an upcoming show and come enjoy yourself! Bring your friends. Tell people who may care what happened and spread the word!

Zach kicks off his latest Northeast tour on March 26 in Portland with this run bringing him to Burlington, Cambridge, Syracuse, Philadelphia, New York City, Albany, Utica and Northampton before heading out towards the Midwest and Southeast. Help Zach get back on his feet, so he can continue to bring happiness and joy to his audiences.

Home by Zach Deputy

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