Friday for the Foodies: Inside Katz’s

Happy Friday everyone!  I thought I’d kick the weekend off with a great video that I found on Always Hungry’s Twitter Feed that takes us inside the world of a “Cutter” at Katz’s Deli on NYC’s Lower East Side.  Also lots of news tidbits I came across.  If you are heading to the Bacon Throwdown on Sunday, check out Theodore Peck, one of the contestants who has won 4 straight competitions and is going for his 5th this weekend.

  • AlwaysHungry “I’ll have what she’s having.” Take an inside look at the famous Katz’s Deli. (Via Twitter) Great video interview with Eddie who is a cutter at Katz’s.  He knows his meat & he knows his customers!

  • Food2 is a new blog/site that scours the planet as well as local fast food drive-ins for the tastiest, seductive, most shocking and satisfying bites in the world of food and drink. (Their description not mine!)

  • Great new website for those of us on a budget who still want to indulge our foodie cravings 3 Buck Bites.
  • Wazoki – Like a Seamless Web for booze, Wakozi connects you to wine shops, liquor stores and bodegas (for beer) in your neighborhood. (Via Tasting Table)

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  1. I’m with Neddy! I want to go out for pastrami. I think I can taste it now. I think everyone is conditioned to crave Katz’s.

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