Caption This Photo: Madge and DLR

Ah, the ’80s. How would you caption this photo?

[Photo via Bedazzled]

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25 Responses

  1. Madonna: “Good one Dave! as if I’d ever let you hit it”


  2. Madonna and DLR share a laugh after trying unsuccessfully to determine whose chest decoration was more garish.

  3. No I will not adopt a child with you. Well off to Washington Square Park to score myself some shwag.

  4. MADONNA: “And if you think his chest is hairy, you should feel his ass!”

    ROTH: “Leave it to Madonna to let her fingers do the walking and find the trap door in my jumpsuit — say, Madonna, is that a mood ring I feel on your index finger?!!”

  5. Suck cock and two smoking barrels. Hmmmmm… sounds familiar, could be a working title for someone.

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