God Street Wednesdays: The Last Drop

[Setlists via the Fine Wine Archive]

God Street Wine
The Final Shows
Wetlands, NYC

Opening Acoustic Set (lo, aaron, dan)
– Red and Milky White
– Thirsty
– Friend of the Devil Tease
– Please Don’t Speak of these Things
– Stranger
– Ballroom X+
– WWW She Go? X+
– Bring Back the News
– Home Again
– Molly

X+ w/ Jason Crosby on violin and Julia Kent on Cello

Set I – Electric (tried my best to keep track of who was on stage – found
a better way for the second set – just bear with me here – assume dan, lo,
and aaron on stage at all times)
– Good Dream + * x
– Big Papa (for Ed) + * x
– Chop! x
– Borderline x + *–>Wendy tease–>
– Softly # & + * x
– Henrietta # & + * x
– Stupid Hat # & + * x
– Tide
# w/ woody
+ w/ Tomo
* w/ Bevo
& w/ Pete
x w/ Jason

Set II – Electric
Aubrey, Pete, Jason, Woody, Dan, Aaron, and Lo
– All Systems Clear
– Slinky–>
Enter Tomo on vox
– Pressure (tomo goes to drums–>
– Drumz(duo Aub and Tomo–>
Add Bevo
– Gretchen
– Feathe–>
– Sea
– Hellfire (with Jason on violin)

– Wonderful Westchester Women (Lo and Aaron Jam cause Bevo
doesn’t know his own song tee hee 🙂 )
Add dan, tomo, aubrey, bevo, and woody
– A Day in the Life
– West

God Street Wine
The Last of the Wine
Wetlands, NYC

Set I: (Big 9 – Bevo, Jason on Violin, Woody, Lo, Dan, Aaron, Tomo,
Aubrey, and Pete)
– Wendy
Jason Leaves
– Better Than U
– Wall
Exit Pete, Enter Jason on Keys
– Who’s Driving?
– Hammer and a Spike–>
– Epiphany
Exit Tomo, Bevo
Enter Pete
– Silver
Enter Tomo
– Still Like U–>
– Water (with Otiel Burbridge)
– Diana (John Popper on Harmonica)

Set II: (Bevo, Lo, Aaron, Dan, Aub)
– Twitchin
Enter Tomo, Woody, and Jason
– Fortress
– Light My Candles
– Other Shore–>
– Drumz (tomo, aub, woody)–>
Enter Pete, Otiel, Jordan Katz, Pete Dayle
– I Wish (Pete Levin on lead vox)
Enter Bevo on Keys, Jason now on Trumpet
Exit Aubrey, Otiel
– Electrocute
Enter Aubrey
– RU4 Real ?
– Pussycat (w/ Craig)

E: (Dan, Lo, Aaron, Tomo, Aub, Woody, Jason)
– Straight Line
Enter Pete
– Maybe I’m Amazed
Enter Bevo and all Horns
– Stoned Me

God Street Wine
The Last of the Wine
Wetlands, NYC

Set I: Bevo, Lo, Aaron, Dan, Tomo, Aub, and Jason on keys
– Epilog–>
Enter Woody
– Mile X Mile–>
– Don’t Tell God–>
– Weird Dream
– Cheap Utah Blues
Exit Bevo, Enter Pete
– When She Go
– Beautiful Lies–>
– HB Mr. Pres
Enter Hal
– Dear Prudence

Set II: (Lo Solo)
– Souvenir (Enter Aaron, Bevo mid song)
– Simple Twist of Fate
Add Tomo, Aub, and Dan
– Sneakin’ Around
Add Woody, Jason on violin, Pete on Keys
– Stuck in the Middle–>
– Turtle Song (Tomo lead vox of course)
Exit Pete, Jason to Keys
– Imogene
– Hollow Frog
– Mantaloking Town–>
– Drumz–>(tomo, aub, and woody)
Enter Pete, Enter Horns
– Express Yourself (Dana on Tambourine and additional vox)
– Nightingale
Exit Jason
– Brickhouse
Enter Jason
Exit everyone except tomo, dan, bevo, lo, aaron
– Deep Drag
– If I Could Dream (for Scott)
E: (Jason, Woody, Lo, Aaron, Dan, Tomo, Aub)
– Brooklyn
– ‘Al Gore’–>
– Barracuda
– Dead Flowers
Add Everyone except Horns
– Sea**only song repeated!
EE: (tomo, bevo, dan, lo, aaron, aub, jay, woody, horns
– Into the Mystic

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