Cover Wars: The Carpet Crawlers Edition

From a piano heavy cover, we move to this acoustic-guitar driven take from the goth/punk band Human Drama. Rich instrumentation takes over the second-half of this cover. Something strange happens around the 5:00 mark – does the tape slow down? Is this on purpose? Probably. Source: Pinups


This take from John Ford Of The Strawbs comes from a Genesis tribute disc from 1998. Sounds like a drum-machine that kicks in at the 1-minute mark and drives a different feel than the other covers and the original. Source: The Fox Lies Down: A Tribute To Genesis


And we’ve got another track from a Genesis tribute disc and John Goodsall performs his one. Something about the electric guitar tone and phrasing really reminds me of Band On The Run (before the shredding at the 4:30 mark that is). Source: Supper’s Ready


Alright, if you’ve made it this far – then you can probably handle this next cover by Mike Shoe, ’cause it gets a little weird. The e-drum beat reminds me of something, but I can’t place it. And man this guy pronounces the word “carpet” strangely. Source: Not Of One Kind


Saving us from a strictly studio-version Cover Wars is this live performance by the Minnesota’s Retribution Gospel Choir. Source: 9-6-2005


Checking in on last week’s Under African Skies, String Cheese Incident ran away with the victory.

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One thought on “Cover Wars: The Carpet Crawlers Edition

  1. Chris McLaren Reply

    The drum beat in the Mike Shoe track? Think of “Stepping Out” by Joe Jackson…

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