SONG PREMIERE: Joseph King and The Mad Crush Invite Sing-A-Longs With Catchy “Everyday Feels Like A Heart Attack”

Brooklyn-based artist Joseph King is known for his unique songwriting and musical style, an amalgam of sincere and sometimes quirky, pop songs with pent-up indie rock edginess, surf rock undertones, and late 60’s throwback pop sensibilities. His latest project is billed as Joseph King and The Mad Crush and it’s a fully realized manifestation of Joseph’s songwriting. On January 31st the band will release I Miss Everything, a lush effort filled with moody organs and gritty ‘verbed out guitars, smoky yet smooth vocals, and grooves that range from full-on surf rock to Doors-esque hypnotic vamping.

Today Glide Magazine is presenting an exclusive early listen of one of the album’s standout tracks, “Every Day Feels Like a Heart Attack”. The song carries hints of Tom Petty with pop punk energy and a 90’s alternative rock sound. Despite the foreboding song title, it’s hard not to feel good and sing along to the catchy chorus and delightful harmonies.

Joseph King shares the story behind it, saying, “I wrote this song a couple of summers ago loosely based on the experiences I had with a lovely lady that gave me a bit of anxiety. I decided to play it for her in her bedroom one day, forgetting the gist of the lyrical content, and I’ll never forget her reaction: ‘Really, Joseph? I make you feel like you’re having a heart attack everyday?’ Of course not babe, of course not… “


Joseph King and the Mad Crush release I Miss Everything on January 31st. For more music and info visit

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