ALBUM PREMIERE: Nothing Is Off Limits With DEDSA’s ‘Salmon Velocity’

Nashville’s DEDSA wields psych-rock like a flaming sword to illuminate sci-fi tales of love and medieval debauchery. The band’s debut full length, Salmon Velocity, melds electronic music, psychedelia, metal and shoegaze into a powerful musical elixir. The project is an unholy pact between drummer Grant Bramlett, bassist/keyboardist Ben Carreon, guitarist/vocalist Stephen DeWitt, and keyboardist Robbie Ward.

“Nothing is off limits if it sounds like fun,” says the band, “we’ll try anything once in a song.” That mentality arises throughout the album as the listener delves into vintage Japanese electronic music, Mellotron tones, harpsichords, swerving guitar effects and more.

Salmon Velocity is a tome of dichotomy. It whips from cinematic grandeur to pure rock ‘n’ roll nonsense. Lyrics contrast utter hopelessness with complete elation. Those elements are captured visually in the band’s hand drawn and animated “Annihilation” video by keyboardist Robbie Ward. “Robbie aimed to create a dual feeling of dread/anticipation and a calm acceptance of fate or destiny,” says the band. ”The imagery strives to strike a balance between beauty and the grotesque.”


Glide Magazine is proud to ‘Salmon Velocity’ in its entirety (below), a riveting ride that for provides the listener a complete listening experience with zero filler. Psych rock molding into thoughtful orchestrations that range the gamut of emotions is pure musical elation, combining the adventure with a mix of electronica and organic workmanship that rivals few.

“We wrote a lot of songs for the Salmon Velocity sessions, but about halfway through I felt a theme emerging that seemed to make sense with the album title, (which we’ve actually had picked out for years now) and I picked and steered the rest of the songs toward that direction,” says DeWitt. “It’s roughly about navigating troubling modern relationships, personal psychological roadblocks and the disillusionment central to the spectacle of the internet age. There is a narrative arc of crisis and self-discovery, ending with a tone of freedom, hope and actualization of one’s dreams. It was cathartic for me personally to make and I hope it inspires those facing their own trials to see them as an avenue to self-improvement and greater perspective on this crazy ride we call life. I’d also like to say working with such fine musicians and co-producers as my fellow members of DEDSA has been the pleasure of a lifetime. Enjoy!”

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