SONG PREMIERE: Daniel Martin Moore Calms With Sleepy Lullaby “Stay Awake”

You’d have to be living under a rock to not be aware of just how ugly our world has gotten. Hate is seemingly everywhere, spewing forth on social media, being inflicted physically through terrorist attacks and war, and being pushed as official agenda by those in public office. In such an environment art is more vital than ever, and we need our artists to find positive ways to channel the anger. And sometimes we just need artists to be downright positive, which is exactly what Daniel Martin Moore set out to do with his forthcoming studio album Turned Over To Dreams, due out July 7th on Sofaburn Records.

The idea for the record came after Moore learned that close friends of his were using one of his previous albums as a bedtime lullaby routine for their children. So he decided to make some new recordings to help out. As a result, the Kentucky-based musician has crafted a collection of lovely self-penned and classic lullabies for young and old alike. Moore’s work has always been known for its meditative quality. His trademark combination of velvety vocals and a masterful use of instrumentation— often featuring his piano skills—naturally evokes a peaceful mood. With this album he brings the peaceful mood to peak levels, leaving the listener with nothing else but a feeling of relaxed goodness.

Today Glide Magazine is premiering the track “Stay Awake”. Interestingly enough, the original version of this track was written by brothers Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman for the film Mary Poppins, and was sung by Julie Andrews. The song is soft and soothing, brought to life by a saxophone introduction and Moore’s relaxed and delicate vocals. Under Moore’s direction it takes on a hushed indie rock sound that feels appealing for adults and children.

Moore offers insight on recording the song:

“The saxophones are all played by Alexis Marsh of the band DYAN. We were working on this song for a little while one afternoon, and I was convinced the sax would enter at the second verse. So she did 5 or 6 takes, each one was so great. And then we moved on, because it seemed like we definitely had the part. But a few days later, as I was listening back through the takes, something wasn’t sitting right. I just wanted to hear all of them, because each of them had these incredible, unique moments of floating & weightless beauty. But how could the second verse sustain that many saxes coming in out of the blue? I queued up all the parts at once, muting the guitar & vocals, to try to find a path through them, and it quickly became clear that they stood wonderfully on their own. So they became the prelude.”


Daniel Martin Moore releases Turned Over To Dreams July 7th on Sofaburn Records. For more music and info visit

Photo: Michael Wilson

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