ALBUM PREMIERE: The Bohannons Play Loud, Fast and Rowdy as Hell on ‘Luminary Angels’

Named after brothers Marty and Matt, The Bohannons are something of an institution in their home state of Tennessee. This isn’t exactly surprising considering that their raucous, unbridled rock and roll is the kind of music that can turn any bar into a wild party. They often waver between straight up rock and roll, alt-country and cow-punk, with plenty of heavy metal licks thrown in for good measure. It should come as little surprise that this group has a kinship with fellow rockers of the South like Lee Bains III & the Gloryfires, the Dexateens, Lucero and the Drive-By Truckers. Like those acts, The Bohannons aren’t afraid to crank up the volume and play real fucking loud.

The band stays in that exact same vein on their new album Luminary Angels, which is out this Friday, June 16th. This is their first album on Cornelius Chapel Records, which is owned by Elliot McPherson of the Dexateens. Today Glide Magazine is excited to premiere Luminary Angels ahead of its release. The album is a fiery tour de force of explosive rock and roll, with a distinctly Southern sound. Though the band likes to play fast and loose, they never sound sloppy and the songwriting is more thoughtful and hard-hitting. The Bohannons seek to challenge you while simultaneously melting your face.

Reflecting on the story behind the album’s title and theme, Marty Bohannon has this to say:

“I worked at a hotel with a girl named Kiki Fumar. She was from a rural area part of Tennessee called Luminary Community. We often swapped stories of all the wild asses we grew up with. Most of her stories centered around a family by the last name of Angel. Some were good, most were in trouble. In the warmer months they slept outside, even in trees. I kept these characters central in the writing of this album. Even though I’d not met them I felt a connection through the stories. Rural life in modern America is quite strange.”



Luminary Angels is out June 16th on Cornelius Chapel Records. For more info visit thebohannons.netPRE-ORDER the album HERE

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