Metal Casino Has Posted Its First Ozzy Osbourne Video and It Is Everything

Last week Metal Casino released their first video of Ozzy Osbourne. Created as a five-part series Ozzy will appear in exclusive Metal Casino videos. In these videos, he will talk about life as a metal legend and his own casino experiences.

Ozzy’s life on film

With a career spanning over five decades,Ozzy is definitely not camera shy. From performing to huge crowds to reality television, Ozzy has done it all. As the frontman for the heavy metal band Black Sabbath, Ozzy was constantly on camera. Crazy on-stage antics such as biting the head off a bat, earned Ozzy notable success. To this day popular television shows still reference Osbourne.

Ozzy’s personal life is also a treasure trove of hilarious incidents. MTV show ‘The Osbourne’s’ gave fans an insight into the Osbourne house. Ozzy, Sharon, Jack and Kelly Osbourne shared their daily lives with millions of viewers. Viewers laughed and laughed as Ozzy provided plenty of entertainment. ‘The Osbourne’s’ aired from 2002-2005 and attracted a huge cult following and even a Primetime Emmy Award. When the show ended fans had to rely on the papers to get their Ozzy fix.

Until 2018…
According to Chinese astrology, 2018 is the year of the dog. To Ozzy fans, 2018 is the year of Ozzy’s return.

• Metal Casino

In August 2017, Metal Casino announced Ozzy as their brand ambassador. Metal Casino is the only destination for online casino players who love to rock. Packed full of heavy metal tributes, Metal Casino even offers players the chance to take home concert tickets and merchandise. Online Casino review site gave Metal Casino a big thumb’s up. “We’re definitely ready to rock the boat with Metal Casino, given their huge gaming selection and awesome welcome offer. Jump onto the tour-bus and get ready to travel the world. All you have to do is hit that signup button.”

Metal Casino is also the only casino to host Ozzy Osbourne. Fans can see Ozzy light up the Metal Casino website and social media pages. That was until Metal Casino dropped their first Ozzy video on YouTube. Filmed in Las Angeles, Ozzy Osbourne will be shouting out to all the metalheads. Sharing his life experiences, Ozzy will even be giving out freebies. If that’s not enough players will even get to see Ozzy trying out some metal themed slot games at Among those is the Motörhead themed slot. For those who don’t know, Motörhead frontman Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister is one of Ozzy’s closest friends. Whilst playingOzzy will recall all of his past ventures with “Lemmy”.

These videos will be released in five parts. Each part will be dropped in line with Ozzy’s upcoming spring and summer 2018 tour dates.

• No More Tours 2

Scheduled to run until 2020, No More Tours 2 will be Ozzy’s last world tour. Announced in 2017, Ozzy’s final tour will take him all over the world, one last time. Aged 69, Ozzy Osbourne is ready for one last hoorah. Kicking off on April 27th Ozzy will play his way across North America and Europe. During the summer leg of the tour, Ozzy will headline UK Rock Festival Download.

No More Tours 2 is a play on his previous 1992 No More Tours tour. However, it is unlikely there will be a No More Tours 3. Metal Casino’s Ozzy videos will coincide with Ozzy’s tour to build up the hype. Rumour has it Metal Casino will even be giving away tickets to see Ozzy live. To get your hands on Metal Casino freebies keep watching Metal Casino and Ozzy’s videos.




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