Runnin’ With The Devil: Part II

The reunion news just keeps flooding in to the Hidden Track corporate headquarters out here in sunny Mom’s Basement.

Rumors began flying a few months back that David Lee Roth would soon reunite with the Van Halen brothers. But we’d been there before: In 1996, David Lee Roth appeared at the MTV Music Awards with his former Van Halen band mates. Not surprisingly, it took approximately 10 minutes for Eddie Van Halen to remember he hates Roth’s guts, which delayed a reunion. Now the stage is set for another reunion that Billboard’s Ray Waddell is reporting is nearly a done deal. But will the band even make it through the press conference? Can’t say.

A deal is almost set for David Lee Roth to return to the Van Halen fold for a summer tour of amphitheaters, sources told They said a contract could be signed as early as Wednesday for tour promoter Live Nation to produce a 40-date trek, which would mark Roth’s first outing with the rock band in more than 20 years. Spokeswomen for Roth and the band said they were unable to provide any confirmation. –Billboard

The exclusive article goes on to discuss Eddie Van Halen’s ingenious plan to replace Michael Anthony with his 15-year-old spawn:

Guitarist Eddie Van Halen’s 15-year-old son Wolfgang has stepped in for original bassist Michael Anthony in the new incarnation of the group, which also features Eddie’s brother Alex Van Halen on drums.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies always provide some drama, but this February’s ceremony should reach new levels when Michael Anthony and Sammy Hagar step to the microphone. We haven’t heard the end of this craziness, and odds are only 50/50 that a David Lee Roth-led Van Halen will ever play a show together. Stay tuned for more, because there will be plenty more from this mess…

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  1. Seriously, I feel like pulling a move from my namesake, Ace Ventura, and just whispering in DL Roth’s ear, “Excuuuuse me…your balls are showing.” I mean, dude, I can see your pelvic bone. Not cool.

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