LISTEN: Porch Weather Embodies Collaborative Concept Ideals on Vulnerable “Tallahassee”

Porch Weather is a collaborative concept project chronicling a day’s progression from the porch of an old farmhouse at Lake Pickett in rural central Florida. Surrounded by orange trees, a lake, friends, animals, and music, the creation is a record that follows the sounds and moods of the weather in a single day, morning till night. These songs were all written and performed by Andrew Kelly, Tessa Register, and Dave Hanson.

Check out the introspectively vulnerable “Tallahassee” from Porch Weather. Passionate vocal layering cuts through a rich lo-fi world as Kelly sings with clear-cut emotional depth. “Tallahassee” is created within an outdoorsy aroma, a melodic deadpan indie-folk song if there ever was one.

Andrew Kelly says, “I was living in that beautiful lake house in Orlando trying to buy friends and happiness but the relationship ending kind of just made it all seem like a wash, like what does this all amount to if you lose her? I was very depressed and honestly rather suicidal from a lot of things being far from home and whatever you go through when you’re 23 or so. ‘Tallahassee’ is about that – being depressed and far from home and wanting to drive back but not, because it’s a bad idea to, you shouldn’t, you should keep going.”


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