LISTEN: Norway’s Orions Belte Keep It Tight & Groovy On “Silhouettes”

Simultaneously playful and incredibly tight, “Silhouettes” is a tour of sounds that are blended in a way that feels oddly cohesive. Norway’s Orions Belte don’t take any shortcuts in their songwriting. The track opens with a groove that they could have settled into for the entire four minutes of the track and wouldn’t have heard much in the way of complaints, but quickly the band starts to modulate around eventually bringing in strings and leading to a rhythmic breakdown with heavy guitar riffing. Moments later, a vintage-sounding slide guitar takes us back to the verse. The songwriting style has all the gumption and orchestration of a great Zappa tune with the groove sensibility of Fela Kuti. 

“The contrast of the light verses with dreamy vocals and the noisy riff with everything exploding is what makes this song for me. It’s cool to see how far you can take it, and with Kvernberg we just told him to go nuts and see what he came up with. The strings are amazing, and I love the total destruction at the end,” says the band.

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