Did Anyone Score LCD Tickets?

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Tickets to LCD Soundsystem’s “last show ever” at Madison Square Garden on April 2nd went on sale this morning via Ticketmaster and sold out in seconds. For us, we couldn’t even get the Ticketmaster event page to show that tickets were actually available until 11:05 and any queries entered were met with the dreaded “No Tickets Available” screen.

LCD Soundsystem front man James Murphy is just as curious as to what happened to the tens of thousands of tickets as we are…

The responses he received didn’t make him feel better about it…

A quick survey of tweets @lcdsoundsystem show a grand total of four people who claimed to score tickets during the onsale. While this show is certainly a high-demand event, there’s just no way only four twitter users were able to purchase ducats. We hope we haven’t heard the last of this story as something is definitely up with the lack of tickets that went on sale this morning.

How was your experience this morning? We want to hear if any of our readers were actually able to score tickets to LCD @ MSG.

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33 thoughts on “Did Anyone Score LCD Tickets?

  1. lazydayspoiler Reply

    same exact thing happen to me, glad to hear its escalating to the band leader.

  2. Chase Reply

    I got two during the Pitchfork presale while my girlfriend got two at the Mercury presale (which she didn’t tell me she was doing). But I was on there not 15 seconds after 11, and unlike some, I had the option to actually choose tickets, and I still didn’t get anything.

    Something is up. I know that sounds whiny and conspiratorial, but something definitely went wrong here.

  3. Tessa Reply

    Tried with my dad and brother on three different computers from 8 am (PST) on, never pulled up a single thing. I think something’s wrong on TM’s side. There’s no way this could sell out in less than a minute. That’s Rolling Stones-esque.

  4. Terrence O'Connelll Reply


  5. dan Reply

    same thing as you describe happen to me. i’ve been pretty successful with ticketmaster lately, but I could accept defeat if it seemed legit. Ticket dropdowns not being available until 11:05 and instant denial after captcha is not the normal way of working for ticketmaster. The game is rigged.

  6. John Scappini Reply

    Mashed the refresh button starting at 10:58…same deal. Nothing until 11:03 or :04 and after racing through, nada. Please drag TM and Stub Hub and all the other blood sucking weasels through the mud.

  7. Brian Reply

    it’s curious that you have 4 tickets yet still tried for the onsale.
    just sayin.

  8. kari Reply

    I wasn’t even able to get 1 ticket at 11:05 when the site finally came up. Seemed like the Amex preferred thing was the way to go.

  9. Matt Reply

    Same experience here as most people. I was on right at 11, refreshing, and didn’t see any options to buy tix until 11:05. Got right through the captcha and was told no tickets left without any wait whatsover.

    Something is not right here. I’ve never seen the TM page just plain not refresh at all. If you don’t get tickets, you usually get right through and then are put into the waiting room for 10-15 minutes.

    All signs point to the broker systems hitting them hard and blocking out the public until the tix were gone.

  10. joe Reply

    same thing here. tickets never went on sale until about 11:04 or 11:05. all were immediately gone when they finally decided to put them on sale. unbelievable

  11. siwook Reply

    I was able to choose two tickets too, right after 11, and got nothing. Tried again immediately for one and nothing. I’ve tried for tickets that were tougher than this before, with varying luck, but have never seen it like this where it’s “sold out” instantly and next to NO ONE got tickets. Also, no, no I don’t want to get an AMEX gold just so I can buy tickets to concerts…

    Interested to see what develops with this situation. There is more to it than we know now.

  12. bmorder Reply

    Same as everybody else…i’ve bought ALOT of tickets in my day and feel i’m pretty skilled at TM. Hit referesh until approx 11:06 when the page turned to option to buy, put 2 in for best available, typed in my words, no wait time…straight to no tickets available.

    i’ve never experienced that…i usually am put in a virtual waiting room no matter if it sold out of not. something is up

  13. Eric Reply

    I got lucky on wed. for the presale…but today was a disaster! Not one other person I know got anything! This is whack! Lets start a Free show in Central park movement! We can make an anti-ticketbastard rally

  14. Kevin S Reply

    No tickets. I was on automated phone and web exactly at 11. Nothing. What a cluster.

  15. the dudeman cometh Reply

    NOTHING!!! WAS IN AT 11:02 — never seen anything like this before…

  16. danfun Reply

    the fix was in. Ticketmaster screwed fans on this one. Another reason why all tickets should be will call only and a 2 ticket max.

  17. Guy Forget Reply

    Seems like there are 2 problems: 1) the obvious one, that no tickets seem to have made it into the general public’s hands, and 2) for at least 50% of people, the dropdown menus didn’t come up until 11:05. Both are very alarming.

    I got Phish tickets on TM for Radio City 2000, 12/31/02, and Hampton (and, for that matter, I pulled LCD tickets for the Pitchfork presale the other day with no trouble), but had no luck today. Something is very, very screwy.

  18. ChrisP Reply

    I was denied tickets at 11:00:52. No joke – I have an atomic clock at work and that was the time when I got the ‘No Tickets Available’ screen.

  19. Chase Reply


    I was put in charge of getting tickets for friends. Sound fishy? That’s how it worked.

  20. Kimberly Reply

    We got tickets. There were two of us in the room on two computers, and we started refreshing at about 10:58. We were about to give up when at about 11:04, my husband was able to get four floor seats. I was on the other computer and never saw any available, despite refreshing over and over until the tickets were purchased. I think getting what we got was just dumb luck. There’s definitely something shady afoot.

  21. whitperson Reply

    I think I got neg’d @ 11:00:30. seriously.

    that said, somehow through some crazy miracle, my wife actually scored a pair of sec 350s.

    what a shitshow.

  22. Scott Bernstein Reply

    I’m glad to see a few people scored tickets. We’ve got a call/query into Ticketmaster and will keep y’all posted on any response.

  23. Durkin Reply

    I managed a single floor ticket, after attempts to buy four and two. I was buying from Raleigh, NC, and my browser didn’t successfully refresh until 11:02.

    EVERYONE, including the band, knew that it would be a clusterfuck when you invited that oligopoly into the mix…

  24. Kyle Reply

    If a great band has to play to an almost empty house this may never happen again!!!!! LCD deserves to go out with a bang and they are being screwed just like thir fans
    This reminds me of what happened to me when I tried to get tx for the first night of hampton when phish came back. exactly 3 minutes after of trying to get thru we actually got thru. we picked 2 for best available started putting in our info then the site had a pop up saying buy now from tickets now for 200 a ticket. At that point we were unable to close the pop up site we waited a few minutes and our tickets were gone. We went back on with in 5 mins and the show was 100% SOLD OUT. We had tix for 50 a pop then when we were putting our card info in we were pretty much were rerouted to tickets now. I know that happened to a lot of people that day. Turned out my friend was killed in an accident later that year and we never got to see a phish show together again. Our last show was coventry which was a absolute disaster. Some people say brokers are just making money but I would like to tell those same people go to your best friends grave and burry every ticket to every show you have been to since Jan19th 2009. Back to the topic I was shut out by 1103 no virtual waiting room (which I was put in for almost 15 mins for Phish Albany and still got 4 seats). I called stub hub and sweet talked my way into asking how many tix they actually had. She couldnt get me an exact number but she said betwen 900-1200 and they were still coming in. This was at around noon. Also Tickets now has a ton as well. All I wanted was to see lcd one last time bc who knows some bands never play again. I dont care how in demand tix are they dont sell out b4 they go onsale especially at msg. Once againfans get ripped off.

  25. MIKIE Reply

    Nope … none of my friend in Brooklyn nor elsewhere got tickets ….. SUX .. I tried all morning …. NOTHING ! Should’ve skipped Ticketmaster ….

  26. rstank Reply

    I got 4 tickets during the Pitchfork pre-sale. Glad I tried then!

  27. Howie Jackowitz Reply

    I went to a Ticketmaster Outlet today at the mall in Jersey City. I was the only person there. This lady that works the Guest Services desk is a pro at Ticketmaster. Usually pulls tons of tickets for in demand Phish Shows. She couldn’t pull one ticket. I thought this was impossible and couldn’t be and she kept trying. Nothing. I kept complaining and she gave me a phone number for the technical support desk that outlet employees call. I called and pretended to work there. The guy on the other end said that 6800 tickets were sold in the presale online, which seems high and 8400 today. He said a few over the phone and only 34 in outlets in the entire country. Outlets are supposed to get an allotment and usually get around 34 tickets for each outlet for big shows, not 34 for the entire country. Crazy.

  28. Ryan Reply

    How many does MSG hold? Also you’d like to think that with the demand like this they’d add at least a 2nd show?

  29. Scott Bernstein Reply

    Ticketmaster/Live Nation has responded with a no comment and say that no official statement is forthcoming.

  30. Jojo Reply

    I’ve been using TM regularly for many years to by tix (not by choice obviously) and i’ve never experienced anything like today.

    I got the pull-down at 11:01, requested 2, did the captcha, and the site went IMMEDIATELY to the ‘none available’ screen.

    Seems like everyone thinks this is f’d up for the same reason– there is ALWAYS a ‘waiting room’ or a ‘queue’.

    I was in a queue for about 9 minutes while trying to buy Phish Boardwalk Hall tickets… and still got 4.

    How can there be no queue? It makes no sense. it basically means that the TM site “knew” that there were no tix available, within seconds of the on-sale.

    another question… why doesn’t LCD sell the entire arena, including rear-stage? if phish shows are any indication, the audience will happily fill in for a wrap-around crowd…

    anyway… crappy day. I’m very curious how James is gonna respond to all this. In many ways, this is probably why he wanted to break up the band. Too big. And now so many fans are angry at him. It’s like his nightmare came true.


  31. ticket holder Reply

    Look people, the ticketmaster presale started two days ago on Wednesday at 10am. My friends and I got over 25 tickets between the 5 of us. Is it that crazy to think that a majority of tickets were already gone before this morning?

    I mean if you really weren’t in the know about the presale then you snoozed and don’t deserve to go to the show. Now you’ll have to shell out for it. Quit your crying.

  32. Durkin Reply

    Re: ticket holder:

    I was “in the know”, Wed. I stalked the LCD website and Pitchfork 36 hours beforehand, was logged-in 10 minutes prior, had my browser opened at 10:00:00, and still timed-out.

    Today, I pulled one ticket in Sec. 7 at 11:05, after two attempts to buy four and two.

    Dumb luck afforded me a ticket today, and something was rotten both days.

  33. maxene mulford Reply

    same progression of events as described above today (Fri 2/11) – no screen until 11:06. then after repeated retries using different combinations (1,2,3,4 seats) trying both chrome & firefox, at about 11:16 i finally got a chance for 300-level seating. tossed them back b/c i had scored a 200-level tkt @ the p4k presale. i was bummed at the time (wed) b/c i would have preferred loge/100-level. (don’t like the floor), but i guess i did pretty well. saw them last may @ t5, also at the ACL-fest in 2007, but i think msg will be the perfect venue – much less claustrophobic than t5. short of adding a 2nd msg show, the extra t5 shows seem like a much needed, workable solution. good luck, y’all. they’re going to kill.

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