Picture Show: Silversun Pickups @ Webster


The show started off pretty solid, with the band focusing mostly on material from their first full-length album, Carnavas. It really wasn’t until about halfway through the show that the band and the audience really started getting into the show. 


It may have been the awesome version of Comeback Kid that saw Aubert playing some awesome solos as well as psyche the audience up. By the time the band brought out the cello player from the opening band Sea Wolf to play on their amazing song, Kissing Family, the audience and band were both really getting into the show.


The thing that really separates SSPU from being a true ’90s throwback band is the fantastic keyboard work of Joe Lester. The dark textures he creates fit perfectly with the subsequently dark mood of Brian’s vocals. And Tuesday night his playing was great, although the Webster Hall sound was working against him a little bit.


In lieu of a serious conclusion here, we’ll throw it out to you: Anyone have any opinions of these guys or this show? Sound off below…

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  1. Finally, I can stop holding my breath. Hidden Track has discovered SSPU.

    You gotta love the little “Robert Palmer with Stepford Wives” two-step thing that Nikki Monninger does while playing bass. Something tentative yet garage-y about her performances.

    I’d rather see these guys on a bad night than Corgan or the Pumpkins on on their best night. Come to think of it, I have seen Corgan and the Pumpkins on their best night, and I never want to see them again.

  2. Hey, they were on my TV last night (on Conan) and then they were in my office today (being interviewed). I must check them out further.

  3. wow…just looking at that list again makes me want to go listen to a bunch of ’06 CDs. And it reminds me…

    Ace – the next band I’m going to click refresh till I see some HT love for is Viva Voce!


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