Radiohead Tour Opener in Miami: Setlist

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Radiohead kicked off their World Tour tonight at the American Airlines Arena, where the band debuted songs both old and new in front of a capacity crowd. Augmented by drummer Clive Deamer, the Brits unveiled two brand new songs – Identikit and Cut a Hole. Meeting In The Aisle, an instrumental first released on the Airbag / How Am I Driving? EP in 1998, saw its live debut this evening.

[via @ChrisDuqueV]

Front man Thom Yorke mentioned that “every night is going to be different” late in the show, giving fans hope that this tour’s setlists will vary even more so than in the past.

Here’s the complete setlist via @radioheadlive

Set: Bloom, The Daily Mail, Morning Mr. Magpie, Staircase, The National Anthem, Meeting In the Aisle, Kid A, The Gloaming, Codex, You and Whose Army?, Nude, Identikit, Lotus Flower, There There, Feral, Idioteque, Seperator

Encore 1: Airbag, Bodysnatchers, Cut a Hole*, Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
Encore 2: Give Up The Ghost, Reckoner, Karma Police

* – w/ Clive Deamer on Piano

The tour continues on Wednesday night at the St. Pete Times Arena in Tampa, Florida.

Plenty of videos have already surfaced of the tour opener. Here’s a few good ones…

Radiohead – Identikit

Radiohead – Meeting In The Aisle

Here’s another angle of Meeting In The Aisle

Radiohead – Meeting In The Aisle

Radiohead – Cut A Hole

Radiohead – Kid A

Radiohead – The Gloaming

Radiohead – Codex

Radiohead – There There

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9 thoughts on “Radiohead Tour Opener in Miami: Setlist

  1. andrew Reply

    I don’t know about those NYC shows this past fall but aside from this this looks like the first show in a very long time where they didnt play “Everything In It’s Right Place”

  2. Memphish Reply

    MITA debut? What’s taken them so long?

  3. michelle Reply

    I really hope they play Paranoid Android in Tampa. I know they are probably sick of it by now, but it’s still one of my favs. This will be my first Radiohead concert.

  4. Mike Reply

    Thought the set list sucked. I would have liked to hear more from the bends and more of their popular songs too. Still an amazing show! Just none of the songs I wanted to hear we’re played.

    • Brett Reply

      They’re said before the tour they’d be featuring the last 2 albums. I think the quote was “this wont be a greatest hits tour like in the past” so it’s to be expected that you won’t hear the more popular songs this tour. That’s why they’re playing mostly indoor places as well

  5. carlos Reply

    radiohead’s performance was truly epic. anyone that disagrees is simply a hater.

  6. Stymiegirl Reply

    The concert was truly amazing. Radiohead is the greatest rock band ever.

  7. johncread Reply

    Psyched for this show in Tampa. My second Radiohead show. Saw the In Rainbows tour. Is there a warmup band?

  8. Drew Reply

    I like the differences in the setlists between Tampa and Miami. It’ll be interesting to see what they play for the rest of the tour. Their opening band is called Other Lives. Very cool band, as well.

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