Selected Poems

Stonebridged And Sizzleplexed

I. Stonebridged and sizzleplexed he was as he attempted the glide.

Mud-hut whomp side-show chant thought he. Cold bastion of hunger and remorse after the turning. Last midnight’s utter desolation rainbowed into green leaves shoot off black trunks wet with rain.

Seven days without.
Fourteen days to go.

Horse riding sand-surfing major chords of nevermore overture.

Fourteen days to go.

Jesus walked on the water sizzleplexed todeleoo. Ray-gun zapped and ambushed in the nighttime freeze of shattered stars and frozen moons, cratered with the souls of the detonation and stonebridged impact crown drops of milk drooling down window panes. Electric hum cat scratch claws pinioned in velour velvet mesh sweater warp.

II. Asia city bomb blast after the rape sweet Mary.

Virgin Madonna. They took your soul and Jesus walked on the sizzleplexed water todeleoo. So you cut heads. So he gave it back only to take it again. Cat scratch eyeball mesh panty sweater hose weft leftover in the refrigerator covered in plastic and stinking like cheese.

The turning, the turning
Walking on the beach…

Stonebridged psychedelic red sea rising swelling smelling seaweed from distant shores as the blue watched from afar, off the shore, on the boat afloat and leave a note. Hide the liquid under the bed thought he, and the termites ate the bungalow. Brahmacharya bust and jack off looking over it all hand lotion slide.

The turning, the turning
Thought he…

Spiritual fetus psychedelic embryo left to starve malnutrition and ribs sticking through pale stretched wax-paper skin. Walk on the beach, fluorescent blue algae one cell lighting up the black sea minor chord, reflection of the stars major chord, distortion hum and windbuzz through palm tree sand swing fly and glide todeleoo. I am God thought he. I created this, you created me. Subject and object tabla pump and Ashoka pillar rising out of the sea number 84,001 saw he.


Continental 7/17

Blindman driving in a candy-red Lincoln, Continental cause there

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