Ben Harper Completes New Analog Recorded Album

Ben Harper hunkered down in a Paris recording studio with his band the Innocent Criminals to track his new album, "Lifeline," due Aug. 28 via Virgin. The 11-song set was completed in just seven days using only analog equipment.

"I had always wanted to make a record in Paris … because it’s Paris," Harper says. "And I had always wanted to make a record directly coming off of a tour. It just makes sense. You’ve got all your best equipment and your musical abilities are never as sharp or as heightened as when you’ve been consistently on the road."

The follow-up to last year’s "Both Sides of the Gun" begins with the soulful "Fight Outta You" and continues in a loose, expressive style throughout. Other highlights include the happy-go-lucky "Say You Will" and "Put It on Me," the regretful ballad "Fool for a Lonesome Train" and the piano-tinged "Having Wings."

Source Billboard

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