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Disco Biscuits: On Time EP

Two things that The Disco Biscuits have become famous for – indulgently stretched-out peaks and breakneck, trance-based improvisation – are noticeably absent on their new On Time EP. Part of a multi-release series building to the long-overdue March 16 drop of Planet Anthem, the band’s own Chinese Democracy, On Time delivers far more studio polish than the band has ever boasted, morphing this release into a sonic alter-ego. Sounding little like the band’s famed live performances, this EP provides a glimpse at a new side of The Disco Biscuits.

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Marco Benevento: Me Not Me

 Marco Benevento’s second studio release in less than a year comes on the heels of his critically acclaimed LP, Invisible Baby.  Me Not Me, a series of interpretive covers with three originals sprinkled in, is a natural extension of his last album, focused on layered, dissonant sound-sculpting, while beautiful piano leads carry the melody.  Featuring diverse artists such as My Morning Jacket, Deerhoof, Leonard Cohen, and Led Zeppelin, Benevento has incorporated some of his favorite songs into his own musical milieu. 

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Lee “Scratch” Perry: Repentance

Lee “Scratch” Perry is known for his role as the legendary Jamaican producer who helped usher in the genre of dub music over 40 years ago.  Featuring experimental and spacey bass-laden effects on lyric-less versions of reggae classics, a new genre grew and was popularized by the storied producer.  Having created and worked on countless albums with every dub artist imaginable, the storied Grammy winning icon is back with his 54th studio album, Repentance.

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Blues Traveler: North Hollywood Shootout

he classic neo-hippie band, Blues Traveler, who first made it big with their self-titled debut album in the early 1990’s, are back with their seventh studio effort, North Hollywood Shootout.  Featuring a diverse range of material, John Popper’s crew returns to a modern musical landscape with new material that is grounded in what originally made the band successful, catchy melodic hooks, introspective lyrics, and a hearty dose of classic rock and roll.

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Slightly Stoopid – One Loyal Cadre

Somewhere between authentic dub reggae and California surf-inspired melodic structures, Slightly Stoopid has carved out a successful niche with an independent music model that is clearly more than slightly stupid.

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Marco Benevento – Duos, Trios & Circuit Bent Toys

Following in a tradition of fusion era artists, Marco Benevento has blurred the lines between these two traditions with his heralded experimentation in The Duo, and currently The Marco Benevento Trio, featuring bassist Reed Mathis and drummer Matt Chamberlain.

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Mason Jennings – In The Ever

Mason Jennings has always done things his own way. Jennings forged a loyal cult following as one of the most talked-about new independent singer-songwriters, while selling his homemade CDs out of the back of his van without the help of a major label publicity department.

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A Twisted Conspiracy

The upcoming Twisted Conspiracy Tour, coming to Boulder, Denver, San Francisco, and Los Angeles in May, represents the fusing of two eclectic underground dance music scenes from Europe and America.

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Hot Chip: The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA 4/24/08

In a modern musical landscape littered with genres and sub-genres, Hot Chip provides a counterexample; a band that can’t be pigeonholed into one style.  This fact was quite evident at their performance at The Fillmore in San Francisco on Thursday, April 24th, as they used their electro-pop foundation as a launching pad to improvise and explore diverse musical feels, providing the capacity audience with a legitimate dance party.

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