Articles by: Doug Collette

Dr. Lonnie Smith Proves Ageless In New Spirited Live Trio LP ‘All In My Mind’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Continuing his new run at Blue Note Records that began in 2016 with Evolution, Dr. Lonnie Smith’s new live recording All In My Mind documents him in a trio setting during a 75th birthday celebration at ...

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‘Eyes of the World: Grateful Dead Photography 1965-1995’ Showcases Fundamental Creativity of The Dead (BOOK REVIEW)

There’s virtually no text within the approximately two-hundred seventy-five pages of Grateful Dead Photography, but there doesn’t need to be. Apart from the acknowledgments, a listing of credits and a foreword from Graham Nash, only ...

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Looking Back at Foghat’s Five Most Essential Albums

Like so many bands of the Seventies and Eighties, Foghat soldier on to this day, currently under the aegis of drummer Roger Earl. Celebrating the fortieth anniversary of their original concert album this year with ...

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‘Trouble In Mind-Bob Dylan’s Gospel Years: What Really Happened’ by Clinton Heylin (BOOK REVIEW)

To the extent Clinton Heylin’s writing is a bit too florid for its own good during more than a little of Trouble In Mind, he undermines an otherwise erudite, scholarly tone. But even if his ...

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Jim James Delivers Eclectic Collection of Covers On ‘Tribute To 2’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Hit and miss as is Jim James’ Tribute To 2, it is at least a respite from the amorphous likes of last year’s Eternally Even (and to a lesser extent, its 2013 predecessor Regions of ...

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Neil Young & Promise of the Real Rally On ‘The Visitor’ With Ragged Rockers (ALBUM REVIEW)

On initial hearings, Neil Young’s latest album with Promise of the Real, The Visitor, doesn’t appear to have the provocative unity of his previous record, Peace Trail, released in December of 2016. But that’s because ...

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I Was There When: Rockpile Stole Thunder from Van Morrison @ UVM, Burlington, VT 10/14/78

Memories of Rockpile creating a minor windstorm at UVM’s  Patrick Gymnasium certainly validate a documented history in which Van Morrison ultimately became  tired of following  these rock and roll purists on stage: the Belfast Cowboy ...

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Kamasi Washington Delivers Vigorous & Freewheeling Performance to Vermont (SHOW REVIEW)

Kamasi Washington’s two-hour performance at Higher Ground on November 17th wasn’t exactly a carbon copy of his much anticipated, but ultimately disappointing June appearance during the Burlington Discover Jazz Fest, but it was close. It ...

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Davy Knowles Performs With Almost Unrivaled Intensity & Dexterity at Higher Ground (SHOW REVIEW)

There’s an old adage that states ‘familiarity breeds contempt,” but that truism certainly does not apply to Davy Knowles and his Vermont followers. The one about word-of-mouth being the best publicity certainly does though: on ...

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Todd Park Mohr of Big Head Todd and the Monsters Perseveres In Ever Changing Rock Landscape (INTERVIEW)

There’s no understating how down to earth is Todd Park Mohr. As evinced in his conversation with Doug Collette, THE ‘Big Head’ of Big Head Todd and the Monsters is anything but an egotist. In ...

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