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Newport Folk Festival: Fort Adams State Park, Newport, RI 7/28 & 7/29

The Newport Folk Festival is one of a kind,” said Chris Thile of bluegrass band the Punch Brothers.  “And it’s one of the best kinds.”  Thile encapsulated the spirit of one of the most unique music festivals that perennially enchants its audience.  Set on the picturesque Narragansett Bay in historic Newport, Rhode Island, the festival brought together folk musicians from a variety of genres to enchant the sold-out crowd.

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Common Root: Newport Folk Festival Producer Jay Sweet

Unlike other shows with bands ranging in styles, Newport stays true to its roots and artfully plans a festival unlike any other.  Sweet spoke about the organization of the festival, the evolution of folk music, and his favorite acts over the years. 

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Young the Giant – Body of Work

In just two years, the band went from playing small venues to performing at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards and festivals like Austin City Limits.  We spoke to guitarist Jacob Tilley about the band’s recent success, their influences, and what is like to play with such a diverse group of musicians.

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City and Colour – Finding Solace

City and Colour, the monicker of singer/songwriter Dallas Green, epitomizes the acoustic folk genre.  His songs are gentle yet powerful, sweet but poignant, energetic and soulful.

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Cloud Cult – Environmentally Sound

Formed in 1995 as a solo project by Craig Minowa, Cloud Cult has since become a full touring ensemble, creating idiosyncratic, electronica-infused indie music.  The band prides themselves on their do-it-yourself and environmental approaches to music business;

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Joseph Arthur: Still My World

For someone who can put out four EPs in as many months, its no surprise when Brooklyn transplant Joseph Arthur releases a new record.  But that level of production doesn't equate to rush jobs or a race to market.  Sometimes, as Arthur reminded us recently, 'if you're an open vessel,' it's simply the rapid pace of a frantic, creative mind.  So during a brief state of rest, we caught up with Arthur to discuss he latest work. 

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Tim Reynolds: The Great Beyond

It is difficult to imagine Bruce Springsteen without Clarence Clemons, Simon without Garfunkel, Mick without Keith.  These musical pairings have led to some of the greatest rock and roll music of all time.  Dave Matthews and the lead guitarist in his band, Tim Reynolds, continue this tradition with their rich collaborative history.

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Alberta Cross – Soarin’ & Roarin’

In a sea of indie-esque rock bands, Alberta Cross soars to the top with their roaring guitars, piercing vocals, and powerful ensemble sound.  The band incorporates a classic rock sound into their contemporary rock grooves, which makes for an overwhelmingly catchy sound. 

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Dave Matthews Band Caravan: 10 Festival Highlights: Bader Field, Atlantic City, NJ 6/24-6/26/11

This past weekend, thirty-nine bands gathered for three days in Atlantic City for the first ever Dave Matthews Band Caravan.  The festival, which will travel to Chicago, New York, and George, Washington in the coming months, features three days full of folk, rock, and electronica concluded with a three-hour Dave set every night.  Graced by the backdrop of the beach and AC’s famous casinos, the Caravan provided thousands of fans with the unique opportunity to hear a variety of bands new and familiar with the pleasure of knowing that Dave Matthews and his incredible showmanship would culminate every evening.

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Chad VanGaalen – Molding Diaper Island

Canadian singer/songwriter Chad VanGaalen recently released his latest album, Diaper Island (Sub Pop), after recording for the first time at a home studio.  The results is an idiosyncratic, eclectic group of songs that represent VanGaalen’s total control of the album.  VanGaalen plays all of the instruments on Diaper Island and has also been working to create artwork and animations associated with his songs.  Glide spoke with VanGaalen about the inspiration for his album, his songwriting, and his upcoming international tour. 

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