Jeremy Carr

Triple Fret: Songs In Borrowed Time

Durham, NC resident Mike Babyak includes the above quotation on his Facebook page, and the fine new album from his band Triple Fret certainly lives up to this notion — listeners will indeed hear lots of guitar work, but no tracks are likely to evoke Zappa’s acerbic sentiment.

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Wake, hoping dreams do not come true, but I know better. Sit up, wipe sweat from my lips, taste the salty burn of my dream

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X2: X-Men United

X2 is one of those sequels that truly outdoes the original. With the addition of prolific new characters, a fast-paced plot that focuses on action without detracting from the characters and some of the most impressive special effects to date, X2 makes the original look like a mere introduction. Look out Spiderman, the X-Men are taking over.

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