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Summer Readings

As the last few weeks of summer arrive, there is still time to seize some trendy literature. The following two books were light, easy, and enjoyable stories. Both books have a young, fun, girlish character and an idiosyncratic ending which keeps the reader interested and flipping the pages.

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Run Lola

Running is a sport that is inexpensive, sans the kickers. It

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Maturing to a Martini Crawl

For the 30 something crowd that still has a wacky, fun attitude, our night out was successful. Going out in the city is an experience that will never expire so long as my posse remains near by! So, strap on your heels, slip on your black pants, and grab a martini. Once a while it

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Shear Madness: Charles Playhouse, Boston, MA

While Boston typically plays second fiddle to New York when it comes to live theatre, Shear Madness playing at The Charles Playhouse, Stage II, is the longest running non-musical in the country with 3,225 consecutive performances.

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A Love Triangle: Me, My Man, and Phish

You either love Phish or you don’t. I have never seen Phish, or Trey, or any other solo project from the group, so there is no way I can be considered a fan of the band. However, my fianc

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Cigar Box Purses – Smokin

Designers are always looking for new fabrics to weave into their latest creations…but could cigar box purses be the next big thing? One new female designer hopes so.

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