Articles by: Nick Gunther

U2 Activates New Experience in Philadelphia (SHOW REVIEW)

U2 is a band intensely focused on reinvention through innovation. Just over a year ago, commemorating thirty years after the release of their acclaimed album, The Joshua Tree, the band played Lincoln Financial Field to ...

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Randy Spendlove- President of Motion Picture Music for Paramount Pictures (INTERVIEW)

Randy Spendlove, the current President of Motion Picture Music for Paramount Pictures, has logged many miles as a touring musician but left the life on the road for one in the front office.  Starting as ...

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Chet Faker- Built on Glass (Album Review)

In his first full length recording, Built on Glass, Australian artist Chet Faker (humanly named Nick Murphy), sets you down within an electronic haze of emotion. His fascination for jazz is well documented on the ...

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Band of Skulls- Himalayan

On their latest record, Himalayan, the Band of Skulls, now with three albums on the shelf, continue sewing the thread of what has made both Baby Darling Doll Face Honey and Sweet Sour widely accepted ...

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John Butler Trio – Flesh & Blood

The honesty in John Butler’s songwriting comes through in his storytelling, both lyrically and instrumentally; it’s a component of his music that is very experience based.  In live performance, a cornerstone experience like “Ocean” is ...

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Broken Bells- After the Disco

After the Disco, the follow up recording to Broken Bells’ self-titled release in 2010, could be as much a reference to a state beyond happiness as one of a state beyond loneliness. Using that as ...

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James Vincent McMorrow – Post Tropical

There is distinct vulnerability in James Vincent McMorrow’s voice on his latest release Post Tropical.  It’s a tone that casts a vision of remembrance, strained relationships and patience, and while these are vivid elements that ...

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Trixie Whitley: A New Dimension of Discovery

Timelessness is often times an adjective, and state, that artists strive to achieve in music.  For Trixie Whitley, it’s about optimizing the creativity and emotion found within to work to someday reach that point.  With ...

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Trixie Whitley: Fourth Corner

 The variable orchestration and detailed lyrics found on Fourth Corner show Trixie Whitley’s ability to structure ideas in separate environments, all while maintaining descriptive imagery for her voice to project upon.         

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London Souls: Here Come The Girls

Here Come the Girls is more than a sonic continuation from where The London Souls left off in 2011 with the release of their self-titled debut, it’s a reaffirmation of the fact that the soul ...

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