Articles by: Ross Warner

Dark Star Orchestra Returns To Coney Island For Jerry Week (SHOW REVIEW)

Dark Star Orchestra returned to Coney Island Friday Night for the first time since 2016.  The Ford Amphitheater was brand new back then, but is still a fantastic venue for the band to play. In ...

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Dead and Company Run The Gamut With Stunning Saturday Night Setlist (SHOW REVIEW)

This past weekend marked Dead & Company’s third straight yearly appearance at Citi Field.  In 2016, the shows were all the evidence that this reviewer needed to be convinced that John Mayer and the remaining ...

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Dark Star Orchestra Returns To Westbury For One More Friday Night (SHOW REVIEW)

Dark Star Orchestra returned to Westbury, New York on May 18th for the third consecutive May appearance at The Space. In 2016 and 2017 they tackled shows from two of the Dead’s landmark years, 1977 ...

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As The Crow Flies Vs. The Magpie Salute- Chris & Rich Robinson Take Turns With The Black Crowes Songbook

When the Black Crowes first officially reunited with their “classic” lineup in 2005 following a four-year hiatus, it included guitar virtuoso Marc Ford. After a little over a year of touring, Ford left again in ...

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Bob Weir and Phil Lesh (Bobby and Phil) Kick Off Spring Tour With Stories & Favorites at Radio City Music Hall (SHOW REVIEW)

The Nor’easter that hit the East Coast Friday night March 2nd made what was already an unprecedented evening at Radio City Music Hall even weirder. This was the first time that Bob Weir and Phil ...

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John Perry Barlow 1947-2018 – The Lyricist’s Top Ten Grateful Dead Contributions

John Perry Barlow, (who passed away 2/6/18) was many things besides Bob Weir’s lyricist for the Grateful Dead – a free speech champion and the builder of the influential Electronic Frontier Foundation. Making a top ...

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The Magpie Salute Keeps Getting Tighter & Those Setlists Go Expandin’ (SHOW REVIEW)

The Black Crowes never got enough credit for their guitar work. The Robinsons wrote some great songs and their performances continually kicked ass. But the chemistry that Rich and Marc Ford had during his two ...

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One More Saturday Night – Dead & Company Make Citi Field A Whole Lotta Fun

It was almost exactly a year ago that this reviewer wrote a glowing account of how John Mayer and the remaining touring members of the Grateful Dead found each other at the perfect time. But ...

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The Magpie Salute (Robinson, Ford, Pipien, Hogg) Prove Worthy at Gramercy (SHOW REVIEW)

By Saturday’s show at the Gramercy, The Magpie Salute had a couple of shows under their belt as an official band. Starting with a touching tribute to late keyboardist Eddie Harsch during Thursday’s “Descending,” the ...

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Marc Ford and The Neptune Blues Club Stir Up The Iridium (SHOW REVIEW/PHOTOS)

Marc Ford has always seemed like a guy you can’t help but root for. His wicked guitar tone appears to be in complete contrast to his humble demeanor. When he asked his fans to help ...

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