Articles by: Stephen Mills

‘Empire’: Getting the TV Musical Right

With Lee Daniels' 'Empire,' you don’t watch for just the songs. You watch for the drama, the characters, and the camp.

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‘The Affair’ (TV REVIEW)

Showtime’s The Affair Last night, Showtime aired yet another entry into the non-linear storytelling trend that has gotten more and more popular in recent years. Much like the highly claimed HBO series True Detective and ...

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‘Masters of Sex’ Breakdown: “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”

In the finale, Libby wonders, “What if we all started living the lives we have and not the lives we thought we would have?” This, in many ways, is the central idea of season two.

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‘Masters of Sex’ Breakdown: “One for the Money, Two for the Show”

SPOILERS ABOUND, so don’t screw around… Season Two, Episode 11: “One for the Money, Two for the Show” Written by Amy Lippman; Directed by Adam Bernstein In the penultimate episode of the season, Virginia and Bill ...

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‘Masters of Sex’ Breakdown: “Below the Belt”

n this week’s episode, the women try to take control. But it’s Bill’s lack of control that leads to an explosive showdown.

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‘Masters of Sex’ Breakdown: “Story of My Life”

This week's episode dove even deeper into the psychological issues of nearly all our characters.

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‘Masters of Sex’: “Mirror Mirror”

This season has continued to surprise, and this episode was no different. There’s not been any mention of Bill’s brother, so what’s his story? Why has he shown up?

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‘Masters of Sex’ Breakdown: “Asterion”

This week’s theme is “some things can’t be undone,” which includes Bill and Virginia’s rocky relationship and the damage Bill has caused to Libby.

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Emmys 2014: Five Award Races to Watch

Stephen Mills highlights five of the most interesting, competitive, and potentially surprising races at this year's Emmys ceremony, which airs on Monday, August 25th.

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‘Masters of Sex’ Breakdown: “Blackbird”

In this week’s episode, Bill tries to save his study by lying about his study, Virginia faces Dr. DePaul’s failing health, and Libby’s conflict with Coral comes to a head.

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