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Gregory Alan Isakov Takes Lifelong Songwriting Skills To The Farm On New Album ‘Evening Machines’

Gregory Alan Isakov’s fourth full-length studio album might be a very different album if he wasn’t also a full-time farmer. On his Colorado farm he grows salad greens for chefs, including arugula and mizuna lettuce, ...

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Welcome to the dream store.  Well technically, it was a practice space in Los Angeles.   However, after some thought, the practice space could very well be where certain dreams got started.  Los Angeles-based band, Indians, ...

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Kat Devlin

Kat Devlin, the petite, eloquent singer-songwriter from Minnesota has charmed California’s Central Coast with her country-inspired tales and Celtic trills.  She plays solo acoustic sets with a percussive loop station and delights audiences with stories ...

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The Northstar Session

Influenced by artists such as The Black Crowes, Tom Petty, Band of Horses and Arcade Fire, The Northstar Session develops their style based on the musical characteristics of old rock and roll bands and contemporary ...

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Diego’s Umbrella

Influenced by music in Eastern Europe, Diego's Umbrella describes their sound as “gypsy pirate polka.”  It is a combination of mariachi, ska, and a massive serving of minor chords.  Their matching outfits are homemade, and ...

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It is always encouraged to think outside the box. And no, this has nothing do with the ongoing stream of Jack in the Box commercials, but rather the creative and unconventional efforts of an up-and-coming ...

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Chi McClean

Chi McClean’s music style, which finds itself deeply rooted in Americana, could not come at a better time.  In an industry that still makes the majority of its profits from popular music, music fans are ...

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Delaney Gibson

Claiming that she tends to always have some unrequited love, Delaney Gibson’s song material focuses on a girl who vows to remain hopeful.  Although her previous record was focused on one particular person, Gibson isn’t ...

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Fierce Creatures

Imagine having your heart lost out at sea or running amuck with ghost soldiers.  Trap yourself in a world alongside vampires and phantoms, enveloped by the atmospheric sounds of guitar, percussion, keyboards, and bells.   This ...

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The Silent Comedy

The Silent Comedy offers more than just a live show – what they offer is an experience.  Those fortunate enough to catch them live eagerly look forward to their next show.  For those who have ...

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