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SPINN- Indie Dream Pop Newcomers From Liverpool Got Something To Play

One of the most intriguing ways to discover music is to listen to new up-and-coming artists/bands similar to bands you already enjoy. After venturing off into similar artists on Spotify to The Smiths, couldn’t help ...

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‘Aretha Live at Fillmore West’- Revisiting The Queen of Soul’s Iconic Live LP

In 1971, Aretha Franklin scored another major career first, affirming her crossover credibility by becoming the first R&B artist to headline a date at the fabled venue that was ground zero for all that encompassed ...

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Looking Back at Tom Waits’ Asylum Years: ‘Closing Time,’ ‘The Heart of Saturday Night’, ‘Nighthawks at the Diner,’ ‘Small Change,’ ‘Foreign Affairs,’ ‘Blue Valentine, ‘Heart Attack & Vine’

Tom Waits’ first seven albums, originally released by Asylum Records through the 1970s, have been remastered and reissued on CD, vinyl, and digital this year. Here, we take a closer look at the first phase ...

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Leslie Tom, Charlie Overbey, the Mallett Brothers and More Share Their Favorite 4th of July Songs

There are hardly any good things to say about the state of America these days, but even though it feels like the country is going to shit, you might as well fire up the grill ...

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‘Music From Big Pink’ at 50 Years – Ten Facts About The Band’s ’68 Debut LP You Might Not Have Known

While other albums soared towards the same directions, most critics and outside observers agree that The Band’s debut album, Music From Big Pink, was a seminal step that helped define the genre now known as ...

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Joanna Teters Shares Track-By-Track Commentary of Soulful New EP ‘Back to Brooklyn’

Joanna Teters has been carving a place for herself in the hearts and minds of today’s music lovers with original, forward-thinking, new-school soul. Increasingly recognized for her ability to switch effortlessly from lush, deeply sultry ...

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Lyman Ellerman Culls Essential Father’s Day Playlist – New LP ‘I Wish I Was A Train’ Out 8/10

Dark times can often yield the most outstanding work. Walking the fine line between honky-tonk heroism and hand-sewn Americana, Lyman Ellerman culls together vast stylistic influences from the burnt, deeply-troubled edges of Townes Van Zandt ...

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Sparks: The Most Overlooked Band in Rock – Ten Must Hear Songs

The 1960’s musical explosion started ripple effects that are still felt today. People at the time felt emboldened by the consistently collapsing definitive restrictions that were placed on all artists before. It was this exact ...

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Fleetwood Mac Without Lindsey Buckingham: Eight Other Shocking Firings

If ever some creative Hollywood screenwriter wanted to fashion a soap opera around the chemistry of a rock ‘n’ roll band, all he or she would have to do is study the inner workings of ...

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Gibson Guitars and the Guitarists Who Loved & Love Them

\The news that recently came across the wire about Gibson Guitar’s impending bankruptcy was not only discouraging, but it also a sign that we’re nearing the end of an era. The company supplied its instruments ...

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