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Sarah Bethe Nelson Shares Formula Behind Stellar New LP ‘Oh, Evolution’ (INTERVIEW)

Most avid music listeners will have this recurring dilemma. An artist playing sounds so familiar that one can’t quite fathom if and when those ears had even heard it prior. That Sarah Bethe Nelson sounds ...

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We Are The Willows Examine the Nuances Of Ambitious Two Part Album ‘Picture (Portrait) Pt. 1 & 2’ (INTERVIEW)

Minneapolis’ We Are The Willows recently celebrated the double vinyl release of Picture (Portrait) parts 1 and 2 on March 25th. Fans of The National, Sufjan Stevens and Basia Bulat will appreciate the sounds of this collective ...

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Otherkin Make It Loud Where It Counts (INTERVIEW)

The guys in Dublin Ireland’s Otherkin would like the word Britpop to not even be equated to their explosive sound – after all they are from Ireland- lets at least charm in a little Thin ...

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LANY Makes Catchy Electro-Soul On ‘Make Out’ EP (INTERVIEW)

There might be those who want to easily disregard LANY as just another electronic combo, but the trio has been hitting on all pop cylinders since they uploaded some tracks to Soundcloud in 2014. What ...

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Sister Fronted The New Tarot Keeps It Interesting (INTERVIEW)

Sister-fronted ethereal indie-pop band The New Tarot, have made the NYC music scene take notice in just a year’s time. The band comprised of the Walker sisters ( Karen & Monika) has already graced the ...

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Pimps of Joytime Take Us To Jukestone Paradise (INTERVIEW)

If you’re familiar with Brooklyn’s Pimps of Joytime the first thing that most likely comes to mind is their live shows, which are bubbling with funky energy to say the least. The group’s third studio ...

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Ryley Walker: Primitive Picker For The Modern Age (INTERVIEW)

Chicago’s Ryley Walker is a folk singer whose unique brand of musicianship is a melding of styles, from the fingerpicking schools of Bert Jansch and Pentangle to the blue-eyed soul of Van Morrison and the free-jazz guitar ...

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Louis Schwadron Is Sky White Tiger (INTERVIEW)

Following years of work as a sideman for musical greats including David Bowie, Radiohead, St. Vincent, Elton John, The National, Grizzly Bear, Sufjan Stevens, Rufus Wainwright’s band, Alberta Cross and playing as a member of ...

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John Medeski Talks Shop & DRKWAV (INTERVIEW)

John Medeski is keeping busy. In late February, the jazz-funk heavyweight and member of Medeski, Martin & Wood spent some time at his alma mater giving a master class, participated in a program celebrating the ...

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Jeff Pilson Keeps Flying From Stage Left to Stage Right (INTERVIEW)

Jumping into 2015 with both legs kicking, Foreigner’s Jeff Pilson has a lot on his tablet for this year … which is actually not surprising since the man is a jumping bean of energy on ...

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