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George Harrison’s ‘I Me Mine – The Extended Edition’ Tells All About The Quiet One (BOOK REVIEW)

Leave it to George Harrison to affix a title to his memoirs as sardonic as the man himself. Not usually given to open-ended discourse, much less personal revelations, the late Beatle’s autobiography, I Me Mine, ...

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Stephen Stills- Change Partners : The Definitive Biography (BOOK REVIEW)

Tracing Stephen Stills’ life from his childhood right through the most recent fracture of CSNY (of which, notably, he is not a part!), David Roberts does a great service to the man himself and his ...

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‘T Bone Burnett A Life in Pursuit’ By Lloyd Sachs Reveals (BOOK REVIEW)

Lloyd Sachs adopts just the right tone in his book on the life and times of eccentric genius T Bone Burnett. Writing A Life in Pursuit, the author remains ever cognizant of his subject’s idiosyncratic ...

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‘Seeing the Real You At Last’ by Britta Lee Shain Gives Readers Insight Into The Real Bob Dylan (BOOK REVIEW)

What on the surface would seem to be a somewhat sordid tell-all book turns out to be a fast-paced, witty and altogether self-deprecating story of a Bob Dylan fan. Britta Lee Shain is devoted way ...

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Jeff Beck Autobiography ‘Beck 01’ Mixes Electric Guitars, Hot Rods & Photos (BOOK REVIEW)

Jeff Beck’s autobiography Beck 01, is as idiosyncratic as the legendary British guitarist himself. A combination of (some) text and (lots!) of photos, its expensively-customized design, at least in its initial run, makes it the archetypal ...

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Trouble Boys: The True Story of The Replacements Wins As Exceptional Rock Bio (BOOK REVIEW)

In the very first chapter of Trouble Boys, Bob Mehr decoys his readers, rolling out the formative stages of guitarist Bob Stinson’s life in such granular detail that The True Story of The Replacements seems ...

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Jerry on Jerry, The Unpublished Jerry Garcia Interviews (BOOK REVIEW)

As intimated by its detailed cover graphics, with both flat and glossy finish on the dust-cover and a large embossing of the famous image of the man’s hand on the hardcover, Jerry on Jerry, The ...

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Voices of The Grateful Dead & Community Integrate on ‘This Is All A Dream, We Dreamed’ (BOOK REVIEW)

Even the most erudite Deadheads will be equally surprised and delighted with This Is All A Dream We Dreamed. Surprised by insight offered here, not quite so vividly reflected in other books on the iconic ...

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John Fogerty Reflects On Creedence And Life In ‘Fortunate Son: My Life My Music’ (BOOK REVIEW)

There’s a deceptive clarity in the way John Fogerty tells his story in Fortunate Son: My Life My Music. At the very start he adopts an ‘aw shucks’ tone that suits the earliest portions of ...

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Tom Petty: The Biography by Warren Zanes (BOOK REVIEW)

In writing the biography of Tom Petty, author Warren Zanes creates a narrative so compelling it’s difficult to stop reading. Interweaving interviews with his main subject, past and present members of his band The Heartbreakers, ...

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