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‘Trouble In Mind-Bob Dylan’s Gospel Years: What Really Happened’ by Clinton Heylin (BOOK REVIEW)

To the extent Clinton Heylin’s writing is a bit too florid for its own good during more than a little of Trouble In Mind, he undermines an otherwise erudite, scholarly tone. But even if his ...

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‘The Walking Dead’ Brushes With Greatness In ‘The Big Scary U’

After more than a few stumbles this season, The Walking Dead nearly stands up straight.

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‘Smithsonian Rock and Roll: Live and Unseen’ Presents Rock and Roll History From Fan Perspective (BOOK REVIEW)

To say that rock and roll is deeply imbedded in the history and culture of the Western world would be an over simplification to the extent of which music holds sway over us. Even though ...

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‘The Who I Was There’ by Richard Houghton Documents Band’s Live History (BOOK REVIEW)

Richard Houghton doesn’t entertain any notion The Who I Was There is a comprehensive chronicle of the iconic British band’s concert history. Nevertheless, the book ends up being close to complete, despite the fact its ...

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‘Alive with the Dead-‘ Susana Millman Shares Personal Recollections From New Book of Grateful Dead Photography

Alive with the Dead: A Fly on the Wall with a Camera, a compendium of Grateful Dead photos and stories from Susana Millman was recently released. This spectacular book represents 25 years of Millman’s work with ...

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The Moontower Comedy Festival: A Feast For The Funnybone

Moontower Comedy continues to prove itself to be a jewel in Austin's festival season, and a must attend event for comedy fans.

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George Harrison’s ‘I Me Mine – The Extended Edition’ Tells All About The Quiet One (BOOK REVIEW)

Leave it to George Harrison to affix a title to his memoirs as sardonic as the man himself. Not usually given to open-ended discourse, much less personal revelations, the late Beatle’s autobiography, I Me Mine, ...

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Stephen Stills- Change Partners : The Definitive Biography (BOOK REVIEW)

Tracing Stephen Stills’ life from his childhood right through the most recent fracture of CSNY (of which, notably, he is not a part!), David Roberts does a great service to the man himself and his ...

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‘T Bone Burnett A Life in Pursuit’ By Lloyd Sachs Reveals (BOOK REVIEW)

Lloyd Sachs adopts just the right tone in his book on the life and times of eccentric genius T Bone Burnett. Writing A Life in Pursuit, the author remains ever cognizant of his subject’s idiosyncratic ...

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‘Seeing the Real You At Last’ by Britta Lee Shain Gives Readers Insight Into The Real Bob Dylan (BOOK REVIEW)

What on the surface would seem to be a somewhat sordid tell-all book turns out to be a fast-paced, witty and altogether self-deprecating story of a Bob Dylan fan. Britta Lee Shain is devoted way ...

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