SXSW FILM REVIEW: ‘Wildling’ Suffers from Middling Efforts

Contrivances sully an otherwise intriguing monster parable.

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Jessica Lea Mayfield Shows Off Vocal Strength and Grungy Rock Sound in NYC (SHOW REVIEW)

At twenty-eight years old Jessica Lea Mayfield, is already a seasoned music biz veteran who has undergone a wealth of creative and artistic growth throughout her career. Getting started at the tender age of eight ...

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Little Dragon Unleash Electro Dance Party on Austin (SHOW REVIEW)

With the SXSW festival looming over Austin and a near infinite amount of bands and events taking place Friday, March 9, the hottest event ended up being a high-energy electronic dance show put on by ...

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SXSW FILM REVIEW: ‘A Quiet Place’ Pushes Horror to Bold Limits

John Krasinski takes us to horrifying places in this stunning work of modern horror.

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SXSW FILM REVIEW: ‘On Her Shoulders’ Offers a Harrowing Look at Tragedy and Bravery

Heartbreaking and powerful, On Her Shoulders is a remarkable work of documentary filmmaking.

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SXSW FILM REVIEW: ‘Number 37’ Goes Beyond ‘Rear Window’

Alfred Hitchcock and David Fincher are channeled in this new twist on Rear Window.

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SXSW FILM REVIEW: Take A Metal Odyssey with ‘Heavy Trip’

Throw your horns up for these Finnish metal oafs.

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SXSW FILM REVIEW: ‘First Light’ An Emotional Sci-fi Stunner

Wonderfully intimate, First Light showcases what's best about science fiction.

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SXSW FILM REVIEW: ‘More Human Than Human’ Takes Us Deep Into the Uncanny Valley

I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.

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Steve Winwood Brings His Greatest Hits To Newark’s New Jersey Performing Arts Center (SHOW REVIEW)

With Newark, New Jersey still recovering from the latest Bomb Cyclone to hit this winter season Steve Winwood and company took the stage at the gorgeous NJPAC on Thursday night March 8th. The crowd was ...

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