March 12, 2009

The B List: 10 Things Overheard at Hampton

You hear some funny things walking around the parking lot and hallways of a Phish show. We’ve put together a list of zingers overheard this past weekend at Hampton. Thanks to Hal, Cabo, Pete, Heather, SGordo, DaveO, CG, Coach and all of Team HLA for their contributions to this list…

10. Ramada Inn employee as she began sweeping up our parking lot Monday morning: “Dag gone! Look at all of these balloons. I hope everyone is alright!”

9. “Splooge in my girl’s face for your extra.”

8. Huge dude working the gate on the way out Friday night: “Y’all get some rest now ’cause we got to do this again tomorrow night”

7. “”Friday was like an incredible lovemaking orgasm and Saturday was like nasty late night fellatio”

6. “Page is the new Trey”

READ ON for five more thoughts overheard at Hampton…

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Jack White Starts Yet Another Band

Move over Warren Haynes, Jack White of the White Stripes and The Raconteurs is gunning for your title as The World’s Most Prolific Musician. Last night in the industrial section

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Picture Show: Les Claypool’s Oddity Faire

Our friend Mike Sherry attended last Saturday’s Oddity Faire date in Los Angeles and has filed this report complete with his amazing photos…

[All Words and Photos by Mike Sherry]

LA’s Wiltern Theatre, an art deco icon preserved & updated for rock shows, made a perfect venue to play host to the Oddity Faire, Les Claypool’s winter tour with a rotating cast of ‘odd’ supporting acts. This stop featured Saul Williams, Yard Dogs Road Show and locally-based Mutaytor, as well as between-set carnival acts and stilt-walkers roving the lobby.

The Yard Dogs feature former Frog Brigade guitarist Enor alongside a formidable ensemble of musical & dance talent. The live band adds to the delivery as the charades range through bizarre, comic and burlesque. This made for a natural pairing with The Mutaytor, another troupe fusing unique talents into a collective artistic force. While the Yard Dogs dazzled with sword-swallowing & feather dancing, Mutaytor thrilled with high-flying acrobatics, fire spinning/hooping and a just-as-sexy brand of Drop the Laundry. Oingo Boingo bassist Johnny Avila rocks deep grooves throughout as a trio of kit drummers, more percussionists, guitar & horn section are augmented by smartly sequenced electronica. Did I mention they hail from Burning Man?

Over three hours into the night the main event commences, and all the previous pomp is replaced by a simple stage riser for drummer Paulo Baldi and percussionist Mike Dillon, a chair for cellist Sam Bass (all three sporting identical fright masks) and a microphone set. After a short vamp Les comes out to join the three, his mood hard to gauge initially from beneath the Clockwork mask, but pretty quick the sure thump on the strings through Rumble of the Diesel predicted a solid set.

READ ON for more of Mike’s review and his incredible photography…

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Bloggy Goodness: Ryan & Mandy Get Married

A few weeks back, we dropped the gossipy news that singer-songwriter-blogger-novelist Ryan Adams had popped the question to former teeny-bopper pop star turned actress Mandy Moore. The odd couple didn’t

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MSTRKRFT Plot North American Tour

MSTRKRFT have announced the dates of an extensive North American tour in support of their new album. The Canadian duo, who released ‘Fist Of God’ digitally yesterday (March 10) and

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