April 5, 2011

Garrie Vereen Celebration: April 10

One of our first readers and commenters was Ted Rockwell, co-founder of Everyday Companion, an online Widespread Panic setlist and information source. Ted is helping put together a celebration of

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Tour Dates: The Cars Reunion Tour

It’s no secret that we here around HT HQ have been giddy with anticipation to hear Move Like This, the first album of new material in over two decades from

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Review: Snoe.down 2011

Snoe.down 2011 @ Killington Resort and Spartan Arena

Words: Kahlil Katool
Photos: Wesley Rizzo

Moe., hosted their fourth snoe.down Winter Music & Sports Festival from March 24 – 27, a festival that captures the “.down home” feel the band’s events are known for. For the second consecutive year snoe.down was held in Rutland, VT as well as within the gorgeous landscape of mountains in Killington, VT. This year’s snoe.down brought out a lot of up and coming acts as well as several established ones to compliment moe., the upstate New York-based “ragers of improvisational rock.”

[All photos by Wesley Rizzo]

Showing musical excellence is exactly what moe. did with their two-night stand at Rutland’s Spartan Arena, where Keller Williams and Lotus opened. Snoe.down also featured an outdoor set on the side of Bear Mountain which took place in below-freezing temperatures with The Ryan Montbleau Band opening.  Moe. closed the weekend with an acoustic set that was open to VIP ticketholders, who were also treated to brunch. Not only did Keller open for moe., but he also had their dual lead-guitarist Al Schnier sit-in on his set.  This was later complimented by Keller sitting in with moe. as well. Snoe.down is a unique festival with an emphasis on skiing as lift tickets are sold as an optional part of the festival ticket package.

Thursday, March 24

Those early to arrive on Thursday were able to see either Twiddle at the Pickle Barrel or The Brew with special guest opener Lucid at the Wobbly Barn. The Wobbly Barn is an intimate bar-type venue that has an older, rustic decor as the floors and the walls are all wooden with a wrap-around upstairs balcony giving it a quaint, barn feeling. Lucid has an interesting sound and played a stimulating set. The dynamics of the sax player along with their percussionist, who also played a harmonica, added several interesting layers to the six-piece band from Plattsburgh’s sound. The highlight of Lucid’s performance was an unexpected but enthusiastically received cover of Beck’s Debra. READ ON for more from snoe.down 2011…

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Videos: Phish – Complete Island Tour

Thirteen years ago today Phish’s much-beloved Island Tour came to as close in Providence, RI. Over the course of four shows, which were organized quickly to give the band a break from prepping the Story of the Ghost LP, Phish built on the funk-laden improvisational style it had honed in 1997 and debuted three new songs they were working on. All in all, the Island Tour stands out as one of the best four-night stands in the group’s history.

For this morning’s video post we’ve compiled playlists of all four Island Tour concerts made up of newly-ripped videos uploaded by YouTube user Duanebase. Back in 2005 Phish put out perfectly-mixed official recordings of each show that are must-haves if you don’t own them already. Let’s go to the videotape…

April 2, 1998 – Nassau Coliseum

Phish – April 2, 1998 [Entire Show]

READ ON for videos of the final three Island Tour gigs…

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Free Downloads: Studio Tracks From Scott Metzger’s New Wolf! Trio

Wolf! was born from a need to just play music—to get the blood flowing,” says guitarist Scott Metzger about his new instrumental trio. “We do it to stay in shape creatively, but it’s also a hell of a lot of fun.”

[All photos by Scott Bernstein]

With a busy schedule of stage and studio work with people like Anders Osborne, Stanton Moore, Kelli Scarr, Erik Deutsch, Adam Levy, Eric McFadden, and Jason Crosby, Metzger has enjoyed taking over bandleader duties.

“Playing with and becoming friends with these musicians has influenced this music and given me the confidence to go out and front a guitar trio playing the kind of music I have always wanted to play,” says Metzger. “That’s where it’s at.”

Wolf! allows Metzger to show a musical side that fans of his more rock-oriented bands like Bustle in Your Hedgerow, Some Cat From Japan, RANA, and the Gene Ween Band might not have seen before.

“In Wolf!, we play country, boogaloo, soul, blues, western swing, and more,” says Metzger. “It’s all music I’ve always played in my living room or rehearsal space but never in public.” The band proudly wears its influences on its collective sleeve, not attempting to fool anyone. “We’re definitely old school kinda guys,” explains Metzger.

READ ON for more on Wolf! and to download studio tracks…

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Finlay Morton, Pet Shop Boys, Yellowbirds

Lumerians, Transmalinnia (Partisan Records)Even the most pointless and unusable departments of music have bands that do enough right that you have to sort of hand it to them.  San Fran’s

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Sarah McLachlan: Paramount Theater, Oakland, CA 2/6/11

Even still, there’s always been an earnestness to Sarah McLachlan’s persona, as well as a captivating charm to her music that continues to make people pay attention. Her sold out show in February at Oakland’s Paramount Theatre is another testament to the fact that people are still very interested in Sarah McLachlan. All the frustrations with her seeming scarcity of ingenuity at this point in her career are valid and credible, but leave it to McLachlan to look those exasperated listeners square in the eye, crack a wry smile and belt out with that angelic voice, leaving behind all that disappointment.

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Robbie Robertson: How To Become Clairvoyant

Robbie Robertson credits Eric Clapton for much of the original impetus behind the recording of his new album, so it’s no coincidence that How to Become Clairvoyant is remarkably reminiscent of Slowhand’s studio productions as heard on 1998’s Pilgrim.

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