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The B List: Paul McCartney Live in NYC

Yesterday word came down that Paul McCartney will perform at Yankee Stadium on Friday, July 15 for what will be his 23rd concert in New York City including his time with The Beatles. For this week’s B List we look back at each of Macca’s 22 performances of at least six songs in NYC.

1. The Beatles @ Carnegie Hall – February 12, 1964

Roll Over Beethoven, From Me to You, I Saw Her Standing There, This Boy, All My Loving, I Wanna Be Your Man, Please Please Me, Till There Was You, She Loves You, I Want to Hold Your Hand, Twist and Shout, Long Tall Sally [Unconfirmed setlist for each of the band’s two shows that night]

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The B List: 10 Favorite Grateful Dead Books

[Originally Published March 26, 2009]

I’ll never forget the day late Grateful Dead keyboardist Brent Mydland passed away in 1990. I was playing hockey at Camp Westmont when a bunkmate’s brother came down the hill to tell us Brent had died. Now, I’ll be honest – I didn’t know a thing about the band at the time, but I wanted to find out. One of my Deadhead counselors turned me onto David Gans and Peter Simon’s well-written biography of the band, Playing in the Band, and I was immediately fascinated by the history of the band.

Over the past twenty years, I’ve read a number of books on the Grateful Dead and some are spectacular and some aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. The latest tome on the band – Peter Conners’ Growing Up Dead: The Hallucinated Confessions of a Teenage Deadhead – is available now at Amazon.com and in honor of what looks to be a terrific addition to a Deadhead’s bookshelf, I’ve put together a list of my ten favorite books on the band…

10. Skeleton Key – David Shenk, Steve Silberman

I’ll never forget David & Steve’s book as the first time I ever saw the phrase 4:20. Skeleton Key offers bite-sized tidbits on phrases that are part of the Deadhead vocabulary – such as 4:20 – among its 400 pages of history, lore, and interviews about the band.

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B List: 8 Reasons 12/30/2009 Was a Classic

Now that we’ve all had time to properly digest Phish’s 2009 and allow our respective iPods to sift through the weeds, it’s fair to put some things in the broader context. One thing that keeps coming up is whether anything from 2009 deserves consideration as a legendary Phish show?

While there are certainly heaps of people with strong feelings on both sides of this debate, I think the December 30, 2009 show deserves inclusion, at least to round out say a Top 50 all-time shows list. So, here is a defense of the rationale. All I ask is before you string me up from the rafters is that you read the list.

8) Like a Broken Record – Any Phish dork worth their weight in notepads knew that as the New Years run wound down, Phish narrowly approached their own record for the most unique songs played in a single year – which previously sat at a Wilt Chamberlain-esque 240. When the band stormed out of the gates with a first set that included a debut of Dixie Cannonball, a new song in Gone and a massive helping of 2009 first-timers (What’s the Use, Rocky Top, Corrina and Tela), it became clear they wouldn’t even need New Year’s Eve to eclipse the record. Like many holiday runs past, the night preceding New Years Eve took home top honors over the actual holiday, and the record got shattered.

7) A Lullaby the Breezes Whisper – Phish fans have short memories when it comes to craving for the band to play a song that’s been shelved for an extended period of time. Hence, the buzz for Tela has probably waned somewhat now that it’s been played, but leading up to the Miami show; this was without question the song everybody wanted to hear. A dust off of this magnitude usually runs the risk of some flubs, but the band tackled this intricate number with relative ease and a whole lot of excitement.

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The B List: Best Concert DVDs of 2008

Just as with albums, 2008 wasn’t a bang up year for concert DVDs. Sure, there were plenty of good ones, but nothing that was mind blowing. Last year’s list featured plenty of multi-disc sets including Tom Petty and the Heartbreaker’s epic documentary/concert film Runnin’ Down A Dream, the amazing full-blown release of Nirvana’s Unplugged and AC/DC’s exhaustive Plug Me In box set, but this year we’ve got a bunch of single DVDs.

Now, I haven’t seen every concert film released this year, which makes it a little tough. I made a brief list at the bottom of films I haven’t seen that should probably be on the list, but I just stuck to what I saw and liked. Let’s take a gander our list of the Best Concert DVDs of 2008

10. The Police – Certifiable

While The Police’s performance on this DVD recorded in Buenos Aires is quite good, this release is all about the bonus material. Drummer Stewart Copeland’s son Jordan put together a fantastic 50-minute feature called Better Than Therapy which chronicles the band’s reunion.


READ ON for the top nine Best Concert DVDs of 2008 including films featuring the Rolling Stones, Rush, Phish and more…

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