TSAR: Band-Girls-Money

Unlike the Weezer-esque timbre of the first record, this sophomore set is in your face with very little over-the-top production; just straight rock and roll.

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The Soundtrack of Our Lives 2/24/2005: Knitting Factory, New York, NY

For music lovers who dig old classic rock music like Pink Floyd, The WHO, Led Zeppelin, The Doors and the Rolling Stones, The Soundtrack of Our Lives is a perfect fit. The group has been around for more than ten years and just released their sixth studio album, Origin Vol. 1. The band brings to life unexpected combinations of 60’s pop, soul and garage psychedelia with 70’s high-energy rock-n-roll, plus a tinge of boogie.

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HIM: Love Metal

HIM’s emergence in America seems to be penned firmly to the back of skater- turned-reality show deviant Bam Margera, who immortalized the band’s heart-a-gram logo on skateboards, clothing, and even in ink on his uncle Don Vito’s back.

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Ministry: Houses Of The Mole

For those of you who remember and appreciate the dawn of industrial rock, this album is a must have. As they always have, Ministry slams you with their blistering guitar licks, computer-assisted beats and Nihilistic imagery.

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