Heath Ledger

Hidden Flick: Carouselambra

“Hen til al hvem vil ikke lytte , al er lydløs.”

Through the mirror. Surreal reel begins…just like magic, ‘cept it’s visual gymnastics.

The Joker dangles upside down, taunting and mocking the so-called hero in his final scene. In Heath Ledger’s next film (and his last), his entrance into the film portrays a near exit out of existence, as he dangles from a rope from a bridge; this time, feet down. Ledger finds a way, with the help of two talented filmmakers, to join an idea—indeed, his cinematic coda represents an almost in-through-the-out-door transcendence.

But, I symbolize.

After struggling with how to define Jeremy Davies, one looks at the film career of the late Heath Ledger, and sees that same dilemma. Are these actors pondering metaphysical questions, or are they just human beings looking for answers by playing a part to feel more normal? What the fuck is normal, anyway? What the fuck IS life, anyway? Did Ledger have an answer? Reach for the pearl too soon? Syd Barrett in disguise—a madman posing as a genius? Ahhh…that dirty old question…questioned and beaten up and tossed about in our next go-around as we gaze upon the latest masterpiece, a late-career, much-needed comeback by another curious soul and a true friend to the weird: Terry Gilliam, in this edition of Hidden Flick, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. READ ON for more on this week’s Hidden Flick…

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