I Wish It Was Christmas Today

Bloggy Goodness: Christmas Eve Edition

With everyone probably counting down the minutes till the long weekend which will either include opening some Christmas presents or chowing down on some Chinese food followed by at least one movie this weekend, we wanted to wish everyone Happy Holidays from all of us here at Hidden Track.


To keep everyone in the holiday spirit I’ve pulled together a batch of Christmas related links that would even get Santa to bring something to this Jew on Christmas, enjoy…

Finally, Christmas came a bit early for those who bought Julian Casablancas solo debut Phrazes For The Young when it hit stores in late October as The Strokes front man included a cover of the SNL song I Wish It Was Christmas Today as a bonus track on the album. During his recent appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Casablancas was backed by not only The Roots, but Fallon and Horatio Sanz – who both sang on the original version. Check out the video of the performance after the jump…

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