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Murder By Death: Crescent Ballroom, Phoenix, AZ 8/1/12

Is there a more fitting show location for Indiana's Murder by Death ("MBD") than the Arizona Desert?  MBD acclimates perfectly amongst the hot, dry, dusty landscape because their music sounds like an amalgamation of ghost towns, drunks, and the devil…when he went down to Georgia. Phoenix's young venue, Crescent Ballroom was bathed in red and black as MBD ripped through an hour and a half set filled with songs from all five (soon to be six) albums.

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Murder By Death/O’Death: Middle East, Cambridge, MA 4/5/08

Hearing the two play back-to-back one hour sets of Murder by Death and O'Death in the murky lair of the Middle East, well… all that was missing were seance candles and two men with handlebar moustaches declaring a duel after too much whiskey down the gullet.

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