Rising Son – The Legend of Skateboarder Christian Hosoi: Directed by Cesario Montano

This new documentary follows Hosoi’s career from young skating prodigy to the top of the skateboard world and his status as a certified “rock star” living a notorious life style with endless money to burn. Thats when his life begins a descent into crystal-meth addiction and an eventual arrest that led to him spending just over four years in a Hawaiian prison.

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Ecuador: Mountain Biking Bonanza

Cliff Krolick is a New Englander, and usually treats himself to a break from winter each year by heading south. This winter may have been mild, but it was still too long – so he took some friends down to Quito, Ecuador for a biking adventure.

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Mountain Biking: Under The Tuscan Sun

Mountain biking in Tuscany is unsurpassed – with narrow lanes, abandoned villas and centuries-old church ruins overgrown with grapevines. And after a day of riding, nothing tastes better than a fresh meal and an excellent bottle of village wine.

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Mount Washington: The Coldest Peak On The Coldest Week

According to the Mt. Washington Weather Archive, during the recent weeklong freeze, January 17th was going to be the best day to make a summit attempt. The daytime air temps were above freezing and the wind wasn’t expected to be too much to handle. As it turned out, in the 24-hour period of the 17th, the avg wind speed was 94 mph with a maximum gust of 145 mph. Glide’s resident outdoor enthusiast took that forecast as a personal invite to climb the world’s windiest spot.

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Winter Hiking

When the first snow hits the ground many people put away the hiking gear for a number of reasons

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