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Patterson Hood: Heat Lightning Rumbles in the Distance

Patterson Hood excels at crafting lyrics about southern despair and human fallacy. His third solo album, Heat Lightning Rumbles in the Distance, is a gripping listen, full of the desperate and downtrodden characters he’s so adept at understanding. Much like his work with the Drive-By Truckers, the songs here are full of hard times, hard liquor and hard lessons; the titular weather occurrence is just about the least dramatic thing that happens during this loose 12-song narrative.

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Patterson Hood: Murdering Oscar (And Other Love Songs)

Drive-By Truckers front-man Patterson Hood’s second solo record, Murdering Oscar (and other love songs), flows like a DBT rock show—hook ‘em, rest ‘em, then beat ‘em senseless—and while saving the best for last may not always be the best recipe for an album, Hood leaves nothing on his plate.

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Tour Dates: Aerosmith Plays With Toys

As we previously mentioned, this summer two powerhouse classic rock acts from the ’70s – Aerosmith and ZZ Top – will join forces for a lengthy summer run playing a

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Jason Isbell – Sirens of the Ditch (INTERVIEW)

Jason Isbell is untethered and seems to be enjoying his new direction away from the Drive by Truckers. A solo album we've been hearing about for a while,Sirens of the Ditch, finally drops from New West on July 10, and he will also kick off a tour with a new group, the 400 Unit, the day before. The group, which includes Isbell's Muscle Shoals pals Jimbo Hart, Ryan Tillery, and Browan Lollar, will hit major U.S. markets through the end of August, wrapping up in Chattanooga on August 31.

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Drive By Truckers: The Dirty South

The Drive By Trucker’s sixth album is a sweaty collection, capturing true down and out Alabama living, where people have no choice but to lead a life of crime. Tales of tragedy, incest, hardship, struggle, blood, sweat and tears ramify the aura of this narrative release, led by five southerners who lived to tell the tales of “The Dirty South.”

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