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Baseball Preview: Zach Miller – Dr. Dog

With the 2010 baseball season in full swing, we wanted to continue a Hidden Track tradition started in 2007 where we chat with of our favorite musicians about their love for America’s past time. For the first part of this year’s Baseball Preview, we asked them for predictions on the 2010 season, while the second part of our questionnaire gets a bit more personal.

Coming out of the bullpen in for this late inning entry in the 2010 Hidden Track Baseball Preview lineup is Dr. Dog’s keyboard player – Zach Miller. We spoke with Zach about his beloved Phillies, his thoughts on the upcoming season, his favorite ballpark and many other subjects. Check it out…

Hidden Track: What team do you think will win the World Series?

Zach Miller: Hmmm. I’m not good at predictions but as a Phillies fan I have to say they have an awesome team and I think they’ll win the World Series again. I’ll be rooting for them. I think Chase Utley is due for MVP. He’s always been a solid player and he’s been hitting with a lot of power these past few seasons.

HT: What’s your favorite baseball team?

ZM: Phillies are my favorite team.

READ ON for more of our baseball convo with Zach of Dr. Dog…

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