Phish Augusta Review

Review: Phish @ Augusta Civic Center

Phish @ Augusta Civic Center, October 19

Words and Images: Eric Wyman

“Never miss a Tuesday show!” That’s how the old tour saying goes…right?

Augusta was prime for everyone missing it. It’s 3+ hours from Boston and 9 hours away from Utica. Anyone who wanted to take a little detour through Maine on a Tuesday probably should have their head examined. From seacoast New Hampshire though, it’s almost a hometown show. The State of Maine has played host to some of the finest moments in Phish history, you can’t skip this one. Memorable things happen on the nights everyone drives by on to the next tour stop (11/2/98, being the most famous). So as I’m driving up 95 I’m thinking about this and wandering, maybe they’ll play Gamehendge, maybe they’ll bust out a pre-halloween cover. So I walk into the show with all this unwarranted anticipation and the place is a shoebox, it’s the state championship game in Hoosiers. It’s all happening!

Now, anyone who’s been around knows that shit’s just a pipe dream. They’re not playing Gamehendge tonight. They didn’t learn Dark Side on the way up here. This could potentially go from being the most awesomest show ever to a total snoozefest, all from expectations. So you gotta sit back take a breath and soak it in. This place is amazing, let’s see where it goes. No expectations.

We chatted pre-show with a couple of very nice ladies in the row behind us. They ask “So how many Phish shows have you been too?” My friend responds modestly, “This is number 153 for me…I was a junkie for a bit back in ’98 and ’99.” Quickly correcting the statement with a subtle, “music junkie…not like junkie junkie.” We all laughed. They respond by saying “This is our first show and Jon Fishman gave us the tickets or we probably wouldn’t even be here. So you guys think it will be fun?” Yes, yes we do.

READ ON for more of Eric’s take on last night’s show…

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