Portishead: WaMu Theater, Seattle, WA 10/23/11

The show was very faithful to the recorded versions of their songs. Often, that can come across as lacking – if one merely wanted to hear album-perfect versions of songs, one could do so without paying for a $50, in this case) ticket. However, Portishead made those songs come alive through a combination of raw performance (particularly from Ms. Gibbons), as well as a powerful visual presentation.

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Tour Dates: Primed For Primus

We keep our eyes peeled for new tour dates announcements each week and compile them on Tuesdays for this handy column… On September 13, quirky funk-rock act Primus will release

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Announcing: ATP’s I’ll Be Your Mirror

After spending three years at the kitschy Kutsher’s Country Club in the Catskills region of New York, organizers behind the highly successful All Tomorrow’s Parties have announced a change for

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Portishead: Third

Lots of people are complaining that Third doesn't sound like Portishead. These people are smoking crack. In fact, they're probably trying to smoke crack through their ears, which means the crack smoke is blocking out the music.

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